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Photo credit: Mesa Police Department

Graphic Video: Officer Brailsford in Mesa, Arizona Murders Daniel Shaver (Unarmed) in Cold Blood

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An absolutely tragic video showing the corrupt and heinous abuse of power from a vile and disgusting police officer has been released to the public.

This is a horrifying scenario, captured on the bodycam of Officer Philip Brailsford, of the Mesa Police Department, after he moronically commands an intoxicated man to at first get on his chest with his hands above his head, later telling him to cross his feel, later telling him to get on his knees with his hands above his head, only to later tell them man to crawl towards him before shooting and killing him in the shocking footage.

The worst part of this case is that the officer had the victim, 26-year-old Daniel Shaver, in multiple positions where he could have easily placed him into handcuffs or had him remain until backup secured him, but instead kept barking ignorant orders at the man until he finally killed him.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">RIP Daniel Shaver</span>

Just barbaric in the sense of stupidity reeking off of this police officer and a total failure of the justice system has now occurred since in bringing accountability to the officer.

On Thursday, a Jury acquitted Officer Brailsford of murder and manslaughter charges, in one of the grossest miscarriages of justice I think I've ever witnessed.

I support law enforcement, and I realize they are often under great pressure, but this video shows levels of incompetence and failure on behalf of Officer Brailsford that are undeniable.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Officer Philip Brailsford</span>

This was murder, make no mistake about it.

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“This, to me, is the most horrific shooting I’ve ever seen,” Mark Geragos, a lawyer for the widow and the 5- and 8-year-old daughters of the man, Daniel Shaver, 26, said in an interview on Saturday. Mr. Geragos, who said he had seen thousands of body camera videos, said the footage was evidence of “the criminal justice system at its worst.”

The incident took place on January 18th of 2016, when the Mesa Police Department received a call about a potential disturbance at a La Quinta Inn and Suites in Mesa, Arizona.

Guests claimed they saw a man with a gun in the fifth-floor windows of the building, and Officer Brailsford arrived at the scene, bodycam rolling, with an AR-15 pointed at Shaver and a woman that he had been arguing with.

Another officer can be heard ordering them to get on the floor and threatening to shoot if they do not comply.

“If you make a mistake, another mistake, there is a very severe possibility you’re both going to get shot,” the Officer says in the footage,before further screaming at Shaver, “If you move, we are going to consider that a threat, and we are going to deal with it, and you may not survive it.”

“I’m sorry,” Mr. Shaver says at one point. “Please do not shoot me,” he says at another.

The officer’s commands at times seemed to contradict the previous and following orders, which are clearly out of place and uncommon.

“Do not put your hands down for any reason,” he tells Mr. Shaver. “Your hands go back in the small of your back or down, we are going to shoot you, do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” Shaver says while crying.

Then the officer orders him to begin crawling towards him, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and Shaver complies.

As he's crawling you can see Shaver slightly move his elbow and hand towards his side, obviously because this is an awkward position, to begin with, and you can hear an Officer scream “Don't!” before Brailsford unloads on Shaver, killing the man.

During the trial, Brailsford testified to the court that he fired five times, according to the<a href=" "> Arizona Central Republic</a>.

“If this situation happened exactly as it did that time, I would have done the same thing," Brailsford said in his testimony.

Despite the evidence and he video, Brailsford was found not guilty of second-degree murder.

Shaver’s widow, and the mother of his children, Laney Sweet, said she had no comment to make about the verdict as, crying, she exited an elevator with her family.

Mark Geragos, Sweet's lawyer, called the shooting an "execution."

"The justice system miserably failed Daniel (Shaver) and his family," Geragos said.

This is infuriating, to anyone who watches the video, realizes how unprofessional and irrational the officer was, before murdering a man.


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Anonymous No. 13692 2017-12-10 : 10:32

A hard call … 1st we have Guests claiming they saw a man with a gun setting the scene as a armed drunk person in a domestic situation. A situations that is either # 2 or #3 on the list of how LEO are killed. Then looking at the video several times. I noted between 4:23 and 4.24 on the video you can clearly see the suspect reach behind himself like he was reaching for a weapon. In such a situation a LEO has .5 to 1 sec. to eval and respond.

But real question is clearly, was it a deliberately Bad shoot, or a situation response action.

Because personally I would have tasered his butt, the second he rounded corner and failed to obey the 1st command. .

Marie No. 13697 2017-12-10 : 10:44

I support Law enforcement as well, BUT THIS WAS AN EXCUTION! This made me sick to my stomach! How this man was NOT CONVICTED OF 2nd degree murder is BEYOND ME! This right here IS WORTH PROTESTING! The officer clearly gives him confusing commands, even sober I WAS CONFUSED! What scares me is I have a disability. I have Lupus & MS sometimes its hard for me to concentrate on people’s words, if this were me, I would have had a very hard time. HE WAS CRYING, and begged him not to shoot him! HE WAS NO THREAT! Is this officer still employed? I would like to know! I would also like to know if he is able to work in any other areas. By this officers statment he “wouldn't change a thing” if put in the situation again. So if he is able to be on duty, whats to stop him from murdering again? He got away with it once!

For the most part yes our officers are good people, and believe me I know their jobs are hard! But as you highlighted here there are the few bad apples. Its a DAMN SHAME this murderer will not be held accountable!

Marie No. 13703 2017-12-10 : 11:13

I’m sure you have already seen this but another officer shooting, this one a completely different story, and 100% justified.

Two very different scenarios, one officer unloaded 5 roads (in the case above) and in the article I just linked this officer only unloaded 3. It my opinion ONE person should still be alive. One person begging for their life, the other asking for them to shoot.

Anonymous No. 13725 2017-12-10 : 16:56

This cop screams psychopath just from his LARPing pic that looks like he dressed up in front of the mirror to show mommie how tough he looks. Why is he utilizing a rifle in this situation vs a taser?

This would have ended much less violent if that asshole would have told the "suspect" to lay face down with his arms spread out wide. Instead he is screamed at him to do physically impossibly acts of contortion some of which contradicted each other.

At least this loose cannon will probably have a career change in his future? Used to dress like a tough guy, hopefully his new uniform is orange and his title is "press operator".

Anonymous No. 13743 2017-12-10 : 19:19

A jury found him NOT GUILTY.

As noted in above comments the fatal moment happened when Shaver (victim) reached towards his waistband while crawling.

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