By: Earnest Jones | 02-14-2017 | News

President Donald Trump Round Up Of Pedophiles, Sandusky's Son Arrested on Sex Charges

President Donald Trump has pledged to tackle the child abduction crisis in the United States by making sure that pedophiles get fast trial that results in death penalty. Trump has often insisted that there are so many incidences and that something must be done to counter the sinister problem.

The National Center for missing and exploited Children has pointed out that nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year. The Elite pedophilia rife in Washington D.C. has always used this sinister actions as a control mechanism to tame and have greater control over its followers.

The recent arrest of Jerry Sandusky’s son is just the beginning of what Trump intends to do in the near future by rounding up pedophile handlers so that the entire house of card can be unwrapped. Jerry Sandusky’s son is a good example of how the pedophiles use this handlers to get teenagers and young-ones to be used in the sinister actions.

Jerry Sandusky’s son who happens to be 41-years old was accused on Monday for attempting to entice two teenage sisters into sexual acts. This comes after more than five years of his father’s arrest on charges that he sexually abused young boys.

Jeffrey S. Sandusky is one of the six children that were adopted by the former assistant football coach, the Centre County prosecutors accused Sandusky of soliciting naked photos from a 16-year old girl last year and of asking her older sister for oral sex in 2013, who was 15 years back then. Unfortunately, the teens are the daughters of his then-girlfriend, with whom he was living with.

The Pennsylvania state police grasped the allegation back in November when the father of the younger girl discovered text messages from Sandusky asking his girl for naked photos, after which he alerted the authorities.

The charging documents state that both teens rebuffed Sandusky’s advances and his attempts to persuade them to remain silent. Sandusky allegedly advised the younger girl that his requests for naked photos were not weird since he studied medicine.

The girl later shared the texts with her mother and the woman confronted Sandusky, who responded by saying that he was trying to help her daughter remove sexual photos of herself from the internet and as a result he needed additional naked photos of her to do so.

Sandusky works as a corrections officer at the Rockview State Prison, he stood by his father back in 2011 as his crimes led to the downfall of Penn State’s iconic football coach. However, after a brief court appearance on Monday in Bellefonte, Sandusky was jailed on $200,000 bail on charges that include involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault, and corruption of minors.

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Anonymous No. 1370 2017-02-15 : 09:25

How much pepperoni can you make from 800 000 kids?

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