By: Savannah Smith | 02-15-2017 | News
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Spencer Believes Flynn Did Nothing Wrong But The Deep State Did Him In

Richard Spencer is standing by beleaguered Michael Flynn, even if the retired military man has recently resigned as President Trump's National Security Adviser over allegations of not being fully transparent with the Vice President and Trump administration with his dealings with Russia.

Spencer affirms that Flynn not only did nothing illegal, he also did nothing wrong. He finds it surprising that President Trump actually accepted Flynn's resignation, and that Steve Bannon reportedly recommended the resignation.

Spencer wrote an opinion piece about Flynn on his alt-right website and also posted the link on his Twitter account. In the article, Spencer further argues that the controversial and malicious headlines of mainstream media are glossing over the fact that Flynn, in fact, did not share any classified information with the Russian ambassador- something that if he did would translate to a grossly illegal act. Spencer says that The Logan Act is always mentioned in most stories on Flynn but a closer examination would reveal that not only is the law never enforced, it is also not operative in Flynn's case. The Logan Act guards against unauthorized negotiations with foreign powers.

As far as Spencer is concerned, the only "crime" Flynn is guilty of was his attempt to chart a new diplomatic course with Moscow. Spencer says that if only Americans live in a sane world, they would easily view Russia as a potential ally, or at the very least, one whose interests are actually not in conflict with ours. However, such view is deemed unacceptable especially by those who demand global hegemony, and as the preferred narrative of mainstream media who have taken to treating Russia as their new favorite bogeyman.

Spencer also defends Flynn's decision not to provide complete information about his talk with Russia to Vice President Mike Pence, hailing the move as both wise and shrewd. While Spencer respects Pence as a loyal and decent man, Spencer believes the VP is not as intelligent or independent given his very conservative background and views. Spencer says Pence is still steeped in the ideology and policies that Trump and Flynn were actually trying to leave behind with their desire for change. Spencer thinks Pence will eternally view Russia as still "Soviets" and as America's adversary.

Spencer doubts that Flynn's resignation and Trump's acceptance of the said resignation will stop or lessen the unending attacks being heaped on the Trump administration since the inauguration. Unfortunately, the incident will even amplify the attacks. Trump's critics and haters who love to call themselves as " The Resistance", Spencer says, will only be further encouraged and emboldened to hit Trump more.

In the final analysis, Spencer asserts that the Flynn scandal reveals a scary but real truth- that Trump lacks the allegiance not just of the mainstream media, but of the Deep State. He refers to the Deep State as the unelected bureaucratic and legal apparatus of the government. Spencer blames the people in the Deep State for leaking the information on Flynn's phone call, and he thinks they will always try to undermine Trump every chance they get.

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