By: Kyle James | 12-09-2017 | News
Photo credit: NBC 6

VIDEO: Body Camera Footage Released From Fatal BSO Shooting

Broward Sheriff's deputies were responding to a disturbance call in Lauderdale Lakes when 42-year-old Jean Pedro Pierre violently assaulted Deputy Sean Youngward and charged another.

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Another Broward Sheriff's deputy arrived moments later and when the 42-year-old finally stopped attacking the first deputy he charged the second. The deputy put three rounds at close range into Pierre who collapsed onto the pavement. Medical responders took Pierre to the hospital where he died of his wounds.

The shooting took place at the Sunset Hills Condominium in the 3600 block of Northwest 21st Street earlier this week. The sheriff of Broward, Scott Israel, released the video of the shooting in an unprecedented move of transparency. These videos are usually not released until the investigation is complete.

The Sheriff also said in a press conference he wanted to show the community just what happened and dispel rumors spreading on social media. He also released the body camera perspectives of the deputies involved. The video shows the shooting, afterward one of the officers bends over to check Pierre's condition. Minutes later an officer is seen administering CPR to Pierre.

Israel said in his statement, "He did everything he could to save himself and to end this confrontation, he was overwhelmed by the superior size and strength of Mr. Pierre. He gave several clear concise, lawful and legal orders to Mr. Pierre. Mr. Pierre chose a path of non-compliance."

A friend of Pierre's said, "He was a loving, caring person. Loved his family, loved his kids. This is devastating to all of us, it’s not making sense."

Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the shooting.

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Patty Fernandez No. 13669 2017-12-10 : 02:04

I think it was justified he gave him no choice If he had got the gun you know he would have killed them both

Anonymous No. 13673 2017-12-10 : 02:52

The first officer was soft, but nonetheless, hands off ! Nice shootin’ Tex

Anonymous No. 13684 2017-12-10 : 07:00

Yes, I would call this a good shoot however the officer who fired did make some errors but overall I think he handled it well and was certainly justified. This almost falls under "suicide by cop" because every person with half a brain cell knows attacking someone with a gun, especially a law enforcement officer, is going to end badly. I think the officer who fired did make a mistake that almost cost him and his partner's lives when he put his gun away while his partner was still on the ground and Pierre was still a threat. He almost didn't get it back out of the holster in time and that could have ended in Pierre getting a hold of the gun and shooting them both. rip

Anonymous No. 13698 2017-12-10 : 10:48

The dead man in this case got what he asked for once he decked the LEO.

Like Patty F. above said above, if he got a gun from either of the LEO's he'd started shooting them and likely any witnesses that saw him also.

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