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Pro-Violence Berkeley Rioter Yvette Felarca Proud of Suppressing Free Speech

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During a recent interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, protester Yvette Felarca proudly explains how the rioters at UC Berkeley were able to shut down an event for Milo Yiannopoulos earlier this month. She is also supportive of the use of violence to suppress other people’s freedom of expression if they are against their beliefs.

Using her own definition of fascism, Felarca, a member of the By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) protest group and a teacher at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, labeled Yiannopoulos as a promoter of racism and hate.

She then argued that these so-called fascists should not be given access to free speech because their statements incite violence, genocide and rape. Furthermore, Felarca claimed that the point of Yiannopoulos’ appearance at UC Berkeley was to recruit member for his “supremacist” organization.

Although Felarca’s statements are filled with nonsense and most of the time contradicts her own beliefs about fighting fascism, watching her 10-minute interview is still a bit entertaining primarily due to Carlson’s reactions. It can be clearly seen that Carlson was struggling to comprehend Felarca’s twisted beliefs about fascism and how she was advocating extreme actions to suppress free speech.

At one point during the video, Carlson tried to grill Felarca regarding the provisions of the First Amendment on free speech. However, she continuously dodged his questions on this matter by justifying violent actions against those who have non-liberal beliefs.

As a humanities teacher, one of her main responsibilities is to educate her students about the Bill of Rights. As seen in the interview, Felarca clearly doesn’t practice this. Aside from the fact that she instigated the assault on an alt-right protester in Sacramento last year, she also admitted that if she encounters a student who has “fascist” beliefs, she would ask that individual to leave the classroom.

It’s scary to think that someone like Felarca is a teacher and is in the position to influence the mindset of students. This is the main reason why the petition calling for the Berkeley Unified School District to fire her has gained widespread support following her Fox News interview.

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maria lopez No. 1428 2017-02-22 : 07:28

This women is obviously mentally ill as only her thought process is correct. She is harmful to the very core of free speech and should not be in a teaching position.

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