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Black Sailor on USS George H.W. Bush STAGED Hate Crime Himself, Says US Navy

Another day, another hate crime hoax perpetrated by a Black man to attempt to play victim and depict Whites as being racist.

What a shocker!

27-Year-Old Marquie Little, a Black sailor aboard the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier, made headlines after he attempted to portray himself as the victim of the alleged racist hate crime committed against him.

Little even went as far as posting several images on his personal Facebook account to try and show that someone had scrawled hateful words above his bed, which he said targeted him because he's Black.

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“I proudly serve the Navy and this is what I’m receiving in return,” he wrote in the now deleted post on Facebook.

“It’s not my first time being called a word such as that,” the aviation boatswain’s mate airman said in a phone interview later that month. “It puzzled me as to who would do it and why they would do it.”

According to the<a href=""> United States Navy</a>, that's simply untrue, and Little is responsible for the actions himself in a desperate plea for both attention and victimhood.

Commander Dave Hecht, a spokesman for Naval Air Force Atlantic, said “a thorough investigation” conducted alongside the Naval Criminal Investigative Service found inconsistencies in the sailor’s account of the incident, and that led them to the conclusion that these actions were committed by none other than the sailor himself.

“A NCIS-supported command investigation following claims of racially-motivated vandalism aboard the carrier has determined that the alleged victim staged the incident himself,” Hecht said in an email.

“The United States Navy does not tolerate racial discrimination of any form and the wellbeing of our Sailors is our top priority,” Hecht said.

Of course, Little will likely argue that “he dindu nuffin”, but his claims have dishonored the integrity of not only every sailor who is serving with honor, unlike him, but further attempted to tarnish the reputation of the entire fleet.

Whether he was hoping for a discharge or removal because he's a coward is yet to be seen, although most assume he was looking for quick fame and potential media stardom after his service.

Hecht however has thus far declined to identify the sailor by name, even though we're aware due to his public Facebook post, because he hasn't been charged with a crime, yet.

I'd assume that all aboard the USS George H.W. Bush are providing Little with extraordinary treatment right about now, to ensure that Little gets “the welcome he deserves” for his actions and lies, and Hecht did say the sailor has “received appropriate administrative actions and additional counseling and training.”

When asked if Little would be removed, Hecht said, “He will remain a member of the crew and continue to perform his military duties.”

Little has so far (as expected from his type L) denied staging any of the racist vandalism, and said on Friday that “NCIS had not done a proper investigation”, but did not elaborate on what exactly he meant by that.

“And now I’m to be here looking like a bad guy for attention,” Little wrote in a text message. “I have nothing to gain from doing such an incident but I have everything to lose.”

Commander Hecht also said that, while the Navy had disproven the sailor’s claims, it used the incident to provide additional crew training and reemphasize that vandalism and racism would not be tolerated aboard the carrier.

Just last month after the now proven to be fictitious vandalism, and the Facebook post from Little crying like a lying bitch about something that never happened, Little had told Navy Times that “he feared for his safety”, which is most certainly the case now since he's embarrassed the rest of the crew who likely despise him for doing so.

“Maybe the guy or guys that vandalized my rack would see me out in town,” he said. “I constantly have to look who’s giving me the side eye,” Little said at the time.

Maybe he should look in the mirror.

According to Commander Hecht, the carrier’s command used the incident as an opportunity to reiterate that the command “has an open door policy for reporting incidents of misconduct,” in a seemingly virtue signaling fashion instead of shutting down the gross miscarriage of Justice for allowing the lying disgrace of a sailor to remain aboard the ship.

The sailor’s Facebook post had drawn nearly 20,500 shares as of Friday, and it's incredibly unlikely that the truth will counter that effort.

I reported back in November about a similar incident at the Air Force Academy preparatory school, where<a href=""> fake racist ramblings were unsurprisingly written by another Black man </a>to paint Whites as being bigots.

The same scenario played out in that situation as the Air Force later said that one of those Five black cadet candidates who had claimed victimhood had later admitted to writing the slurs.

It's becoming a trend, apparently.

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Anonymous No. 13652 2017-12-09 : 14:16

it was just a prank bro.

KOB No. 13664 2017-12-09 : 18:48

This is horrible.. it wasn't a prank! Just another way to build hate and distrust between people of all colors. He should be court marshaled and kicked out of the military!

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