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Australian Man Googles Wife, Finds She’s US Murder Suspect

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Mr. Andrew Murray, an Australian Katoomba chef, met an American woman online in 2011 and they hit it off immediately. So much so, that she agreed to move to Australia in February 2012 and marry him. The couple lived for a while in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

But the marriage between Ms. Brooke Lynn Crews, 38-years-old, and himself only lasted a matter of months before she returned to the US in October 2012. According to Mr. Murray, the relationship fell apart when he discovered she had lied about her past to him.

“It was all lies, it was all based on lies. I didn’t know she was married in America, didn’t know she had children and then it all started coming out. And I said ‘look, I want you to go home and be a mother to your kids.’”

According to Mr. Murray, Ms. Crews was obsessed with true crime. “She studied psychology and nursing and did her thesis on serial killers. She was always reading books on serial killers and murders and could tell you anything about them.”

After she returned to the US, he all of a sudden saw her name pop up in the papers and then Googled it to finally discover the allegations against her.

It appeared that his former wife, Ms. Brooke Lynn Crews, is now the prime suspect in relation to the death of Savanna Greywind (pictured), 22-years-old, whose body was found wrapped in plastic in a Minnesota river.

“I just couldn’t believe it to be honest. I had voiced my concerns about her mental state but wasn’t expecting that. It sort of shocked me to the bone. It’s been five years and I’d shut a lot of things out, but a lot of stuff has come back now.”

“But then I saw what it was. I had to go an make myself a coffee and then go back and look at what I read again. It had been illegal. Crews weren’t her maiden name and she had falsified her immigration papers.”


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Man, that sucks

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