By: Savannah Smith | 12-09-2017 | News
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Outrageous Obama Claims US Risk Following Nazi Germany

Hometown boy former President Barack Obama was back in Chicago this week to give a forceful, if not highly-exaggerated, even outrageous speech.

Obama says Americans must be vigilant in their defense of democracy or “risk following the path of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.”

The former President also told his audience in the Economic Club of Chicago that “things can fall apart fairly quickly”’ if Americans don’t “tend to this garden of democracy.”

Obama illustrated the example of Hitler’s rise to power in Germany in his speech as he urged the audience to “pay attention…and vote.”’

Obama who first started his political career in Chicago also spoke about the media. The Democrat has always had a warm relationship with the mainstream media, especially the liberal-leaning members of it, throughout his two terms of office. He made the claim in his speech, however, that the press “often drove me nuts” but still went on to say “that a free press was vital to democracy.”’

It is not clear, however, how Trump’s predecessor concretely and substantially think America could be risking following the path of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. It is also not clear either if he made any references to President Trump at all in his speech.

Chicago always had a special place in Obama’s heart as it also in the city where he made his first public appearance after leaving the White House this year. He went to Chicago in April to meet with youth leaders and promote community organizing in the city after a three-month hiatus from politics and the public eye.

Chicago has also shown its love back to its “favorite son”’ in many ways including even beating the likes of Hawaii- where he was born- and New York -where he studied at Columbia University- by being the site of his presidential library started on his last year of presidency.

Apparently, Obama is always welcome in Chicago even to talk about “fantastic” political ideas including vast exaggerations, if not outrageous claims.


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Anonymous No. 13622 2017-12-09 : 05:32

hes a traitor and going to be indicted soon

Anonymous No. 13630 2017-12-09 : 08:26

Not soon enough, should have happened 8 years ago. Obama is a POS traitor to our country, and hildabeast was the "final solution".

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