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A man in Ireland has been charged with painting a snowman holding a rocket launcher on the window of a republican support group's office in Londonderry with the message, "Wishing you an Explosive Christmas."

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Probably not the best idea considering a message in that context is easily considered a threat of violence. Apparently, the Police Service in Northern Ireland thought so too because they charged the 29-year-old with two counts of permitting display of anything provocative. The painting of the snowman was painted on the window of the office of the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association in Chamberlain Street.

According to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, "Police investigating an incident involving a window display in the Chamberlain Street area of Derry/Londonderry in October have charged a 29-year-old man with two counts of permitting display of anything provocative."

The PSNI also said the man is set to appear at the magistrate's court in Derry on January 3.

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I have a wild thoughts in this story.

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what a cucked country

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