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Judge Pirro:It's a choice between Clinton's political correctness marked by lies and Trump's truth

Legal expert and TV personality Judge Jeanine Pirro believes the next US Presidential Elections will be a battle between truth which Donald Trump boldly speaks of, and massive lies masked in 'political correctness' which Hillary Clinton has consistently fed the American people through-out her stint in government.

Judge Pirro has made the comparison on the latest edition of  her ' Justice With Judge Jeanine' show on Fox News Channel through her ' Opening Statement' segment over the week-end where she also told the viewers that actions matter more than words, contrary to what Clinton claimed in her first presidential debate with Trump.

 For Judge Pirro, Trump tells it as it is- including all the troubles facing the great US nation while Clinton pretends that everything's rosy in our world when most realities

 confronting us today state the opposite from Hillary's vast illusions.

" One says things not politically correct not run through the prism of the contemporary political lens. The other says things that are oh so perfectly politically correct…considers words, carefully filters them and then flat out lies to our faces.", said the former district attorney of  Westchester County.

 Pirro continued with " all the while anarchy on the streets, riots against the one line of defense that separates us from chaos, kids shot on playgrounds with little notice and

virtually the same number of people killed in one city- Chicago- than died in the Iraq war. And more global terrorism enters the homeland."

 The TV legal expert host also hit Hillary for insulting millions of Americans who do not agree with her by calling them " deplorable" and telling them they are " not from America". " Who then is from America, Hillary? People you're bringing in from other parts of the world?", Pirro asked.

Trump's lack of tact pales in significance compared to the wide-ranging grave issues with massive implications that Clinton in her official capacity as Secretary of State has lied about including drone operations and satellite locations, and suspicious deals between the state department and her charitable foundation. Pirro also accuses Clinton of destroying evidence " with hammers and bleachbit" and the very serious case of treating the state department like a personal piggy bank with " 6 billion dollars missing during her tenure".

 Pirro asks: " you tell me what's worse- name-calling or lying to grieving parents as their sons' bodies lay cold in caskets… and then turning around and calling those parents liars", in reference to allegations by Benghazi victim Sean Smith's mother Patricia who claimed that Hillary lied to her about her son's death circumstances.

Even Trump's name-calling of a woman which happened 20 years ago, Pirro believes, is nothing when compared with Hillary's record of " destroying women".

" The woman has corrupted the State Department, the Department of Justice, and now I'm ashamed to admit, the honored tradition of the FBI", Pirro also said.

 Pirro ended her broadcast opinion piece by practically reminding voters that come election day, it would be a choice between Hillary's supposed ' political correctness' but marked by her long history of lying while managing our  state affairs, and Trump's sometimes offensive words but which speak the truth.

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