By: Earnest Jones | 12-07-2017 | News
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Armed Robber Gets Just Desserts at San Antonio Chicken Shop

An armed robber messed with the wrong family at a San Antonio, Texas Popeyes Chicken. The man is reported to be dead after police say the father shot and killed him for harassing his family inside the restaurant.

According to the police, the robber approached the father around 8:30 Wednesday night while he was waiting for his kids to leave the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the robber tried to point his gun at the family. In a split second, the father pulled out his own gun and killed the robber in the middle of the dining area.

The police have reported that the father is a licensed carrier. He is not facing any charges. The officials have also said that the father saved several lives.

Police Capt. Michael Starnes told the San Antonio Express-News that the robber died at the scene on Wednesday evening. Starnes says the father isn't facing charges and that he "really saved the day and protected a lot of people."

According to San Antonio police Sgt. Roy Miller, the gunman threatened the father and restaurant employees and the employees ran out the back of the restaurant. The gunman demanded money and, when the father refused, the gunman turned his weapon toward the man's family. That’s when the father responded accurately.


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Mark Masterson No. 13526 2017-12-07 : 21:41

Thank God we've got some people out there that carry guns

Anonymous No. 13530 2017-12-07 : 22:12

Wont hear about this on any MSM network

Anonymous No. 13533 2017-12-08 : 00:14

you would have done the same thing!

Tonebalone No. 13612 2017-12-09 : 03:05

The man is reported to be dead? LOL

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