By: Kyle James | 12-07-2017 | News
Photo credit: NHK News

Japanese Nursery Struck By Part From American Aircraft

A nursery in Okinawa, Japan got a surprise delivery when a U.S. military aircraft part fell out of the sky and landed on the nursery school's roof Thursday morning.

Staff from the nursery school say a cylindrical object fell on the roof after an American military aircraft flew passed overhead. The school is only 2.5 miles from the Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. Japanese authorities also identified the object describing it as a plastic tube-like object about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide with a label in English that reads "remove before flight."

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Takehiro Kamiya, the school's director, says a total of sixty-one children and 10 staff members were present when the debris struck the roof. A spokesperson for the United States Marine Corps issued a statement saying, "We take this report very seriously and are investigating this incident working closely with local authorities."

The spokesperson continued saying, "We care deeply about the safety of our friends and neighbors in the communities around which we live and operate. We will provide more information as it becomes available."

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Anonymous No. 13519 2017-12-07 : 20:45

The max terminal velocity' a piece of plastic shaped like this is far from 100mph and likely closer to 50-60mph.

Guessing since the AFB is 2.5 miles away it fell from about 4000-5000 ft and I did NOT read any mention of ROOF damage.

But yes it could seriously hurt a child.

Anonymous No. 13520 2017-12-07 : 20:50

BTW: a U.S. military CH-53 transport helicopter was likely the aircraft not a jet so it would be more of a DROPPED item and NOT a 200++ mph traveling aircraft item. Also the nursery according to local media is 300 meters away from the Marine Air Base

Anonymous No. 13534 2017-12-08 : 00:15

Who puts a nursery next to an air base? What a bunch of lunks.

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