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Lord's Prayer to be Changed by Pope

Pope Francis intends to change Lord’s Prayer on the grounds that the translation used by many parts of the world goes against the teachings of the Bible.

The majority of the world’s 2.2billion Christians use the Lord’s Prayer, which is cited by the bible as the way Jesus taught his disciples to pray.

Pope Francis has pointed out that the Italian and English translations are against the teachings of the church. Christians say “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”.

The Pope was speaking to Italian broadcasters when he said: “It is not a good translation because it speaks of a God who induces temptation” He also revealed that the Christians in France had adapted the prayer to get around the issue.

The Pope said: “The French have modified the prayer to ‘do not let me fall into temptation’, because it is me who falls, not the Lord who tempts me to then see how I fall”. Sometime last month the Pope revealed that from time to time he had fallen asleep during prayer. "When I pray, sometimes I fall asleep," the 80-year-old pontiff revealed in an interview for the TV2000 channel.

He added: ” Saint Therese did it too,”, in reference to a 19th-century French nun – whose simplicity, he has said, has been a great influence on his life.

The Pope said that praying should make Christians feel like children lying in their father's arms, implying that relaxation is an important part of the process. The pontiff was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as Jorge Mario Bergoglio and worked as a nightclub bouncer before beginning his seminary studies.

In 1969, the Pope was ordained a Catholic priest and was Argentina's provincial superior of the Society of Jesus from 1973 to 1979. Pope John Paul II created the Pope Francis a Cardinal in 2001 after he’d become the Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998.


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Anonymous No. 13508 2017-12-07 : 15:35

Absolutely heretical.

And its not implying God leads to temptation, but using older grammar that isn't used these days

Anonymous No. 13511 2017-12-07 : 18:03

Why didn't he blame Trump?

Anonymous No. 13521 2017-12-07 : 20:54

Liberal Socialist Pope, which I expect in another year he'll tell us Jesus was a Female, or something else 180 to establish biblical writtings.

Nancy Miles No. 13537 2017-12-08 : 01:48

would not like the prayer changed keep it the way it is!

Anonymous No. 13579 2017-12-08 : 16:20


bk No. 13657 2017-12-09 : 15:56

I believe the original version does not mean that God leads us into temptation , but rather other sources lead us into temptation and with the help of God deliver us from evil. I do, however, am not adverse to the French version. It sounds kinder and softer, and more gentle. Don't know if I explained my thoughts well on this topic.

Anonymous No. 13784 2017-12-11 : 11:50

Cant wait for a new Pope.

Anonymous No. 13785 2017-12-11 : 11:53

forgot image, nyway im not Catholic, so…whatevs. image related is how ive always said it

Concerned Christian No. 13968 2017-12-14 : 07:58

Please please stop changing everything!! You seem to be behaving more like a politician then a spiritual advisor and guiding the Christians around the world!!!! We have Our Bibles and Our Word Already, We need you and all of Our of teachers to be there for us to Teach The Word, Guide us in dispare & Celebrate in Happy Times!! Thank you !! 💖

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