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Hirohito WWII Memoir Bought By Holocaust Denier

Emperor Hirohito was the 124th emperor of Japan according to the traditional order of counting. Scholars and historians have a different view of his role during the second world war. Though most agree that at the beginning of the war he was a leading cause of the invasion of China in the 1930s and under his leadership Japan signed the tripartite pact with Italy and Germany, by the end of the war this was different.

When he finally recorded the ‘Jewel Voice Broadcast,’ declaring the surrender of Japan in 1945, historians mostly agreed that he had changed his mind and was more concerned then but the future welfare of his people.

He was afterwards not tried for war crimes and was allowed to reign over his country, allowing it to re-emerge as an economic giant, both in Asia and the world.

A memoir by former Japanese Emperor Hirohito about World War Two, known as the Emperor's Monologue, has now been bought by a Japanese surgeon accused of denying the Holocaust and the Nanjing massacre, during an auction in New York.

Dr Katsuya Takasu paid $275,000 for the work. The notes were written by an aide to emperor Hirohito at his dictation, and some say that they were made at the request of the US after WW2, to better understand the leader of Japan.

Dr Takasu has been accused by the Simon Wiesenthal Center of holocaust denial. it said his social media posts were posts "violating all norms of decency and reveal a person who is a racist anti-Semite and outright lover of Nazism".

In 2015, the surgeon tweeted that the massacre in the Chinese city of Nanjing committed by Japanese troops beginning in late 1937 as well as the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz were both "fabrications" made up by the Jewish controlled press.

When asked about those expressions, Dr Takasu declared: "If you look at all my tweets, I am clearly against Nazism. But I do highly evaluate the wonderful medicine of that era."


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Anonymous No. 13523 2017-12-07 : 21:07

An some claim the earth is flat or hollow.

But the Labor - Death camps existed. However, most experts agree the

6 million murdered figure often used would have to include those that died of Typhus spread by body lice, and other illnesses.


"Typhus epidemics killed those confined to POW camps, ghettos, and Nazi concentration camps who were held in unhygienic conditions. Pictures of typhus victims' mass graves can be seen in footage shot at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. "

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