By: Savannah Smith | 02-13-2017 | News
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Veteran Journalist Reveals Dutch People Are Actually Angry At Mass Immigration

Mainstream media in the Netherlands would like to stick closely to their chosen political correctness narrative especially on matters like mass immigration that's taking the entire Europe by storm, and as such they turn hostile to colleagues who push forward a different perspective and ideas even if those are backed by journalistic data and empirical pieces of evidence.

Veteran Dutch journalist Joost Niemoller is one example of a media person who dared to veer away from mainstream thought, ventured into independent investigations on major issues and presented alternative thoughts and views, for which he was later ostracized by colleagues for being "defiant". Niemoller sat down in an exclusive interview with Altright site to discuss his experience with mainstream Dutch media, his new book on immigration, and how ordinary Dutch people actually feel about the prospect-or threat- of mass immigration to their country, among others.

Niemoller worked as a journalist for the mainstream media for a long time, but once he became more critical about such issues as Islam and immigration, writing books about the said topics, forwarding a controversial opinion of a cover up on the MH17 issue, he was banned by his own colleagues from appearing on television, or guesting on radio. In order to keep and sustain his independent journalism, Niemoller writes books and maintains a blog.

He has also came out with a book titled "Angry: The Dutch on Immigrants" which documents the public perception of mass immigration from Muslim majority countries into the Netherlands through in-depth interviews. Niemoller had observed that the Dutch media do not really even attempt to document the reactions of the native Dutch people about immigration that the politically-correct government is imposing on them. Media would rather sweepingly dismiss people opposing immigration as "angry white man", equivalent to the term " deplorables" hated by the likes of Hillary Clinton, the liberals and the mainstream media in the U.S.

The media disparagingly believe that the white, racist older men are only angry because they can not deal with the supposed modern times in the new globalized world. According to Niemoller, however, even the young ones have serious issues with mass immigration, and are just too afraid of losing their jobs to even openly speak up about their views. Niemoller asserts that in reality, Dutch people have big ethnic differences with immigrants. There is for instance the problem with Moroccans that span issues of violence, robbery, sexual assault, etc. There's also trouble with Somalis.

Niemoller's book predictably is being ignored by mainstream media but is getting phenomenal response from social media. Only after a week after being launched, the book is already in its third print. For the author, the success of the book is a clear illustration of the real sentiments of Dutch regarding immigration. Contrary to what the European Union constantly stating that Europe needs 60 million immigrants because of the so-called aging problem, the truth is, according to the veteran journalist, there's really no aging problem, and that the EU already have too many people. Niemoller concludes that everybody he interviewed for the book said they wanted to get out of EU because the EU is a total disaster.

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