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Kellyanne Conway Defends Melania Trump After Hollywood Tabloid Prints 'nonsense' story

A controversial cover story was run by Hollywood tabloid US Weekly with the headline Separate Lives, the story investigated the mysterious life of first lady Melania Trump and why its unlikely for her to move to the White House.

Shortly after the election, President Trump and Melania made an announcement that she would stay in Manhattan so that their 10-year-old son, could remain in the same school for the remaining part of the year. However, once summer came, the Trumps emphasized that they would move to Washington to be with Trump in the White House.

After the long wait, many people still doubt whether or not Melania will make the move to Washington, the White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is one of the people that are fired up about the possibility.

In an interview with Fox News, Conway defended Melania as she strongly blasted the nonsense tabloid as she emphasized that Melania's life was none of their business as she referred to US Weekly's story. Conway also pointed out that Melania has plenty of public role that she has to handle, adding that Melania was beautiful both inside and outside. Conway also praised Melania saying that she speaks five languages and that she is a loving and supportive mother and wife, as she also added that she is also a great friend and role model to many of the people who work closely with the president and the first family.

Conway also pointed out that the media can't stand the fact that Melania isn't inclined towards being a super public figure and completely open with the details of her personal life. She also blasted the media saying that they are intentionally poking her hoping to see her reaction. The counselor to the President also emphasized that she admires the fact that Melania Trump is so comfortable in her own skin and that she doesn't have to disprove anybody's negative or positive story, she also added that Melania has nothing to prove to anyone and that she represents the nation with dignity, class, elegance and eloquence.

In the interview, Conway also praised Melania since she's an immigrant who spent up to 10 years going through the right channels to obtain her residency and citizenship in the U.S.

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