By: Earnest Jones | 02-12-2017 | News

Grammy Awards: A Pro-Trump Statement on the Red Carpet

Many were stunned at the Grammys awards when a woman on the Grammys red carpet appeared dressed in a “Make America Great Again” dress, many asked what her name was? The courageous woman’s name is Joy Villa. According to Villa’s Twitter profile, she’s a Grammy considered #RecordingArtist #Model #Actress based in #NYC & #LA. Vegan, Fitness, Feminist. Villa is also a Scientologist, juice cleanse advocate, and, apparently, sartorial pro-Trump advocate.

Villa’s dress revolutionized the scandalous dresses that have been appearing on the Grammys red carpet. It’s no longer an issue to do with a deep cleavage or a thigh-high leg slit that had tongues wagging about singer Joyce Villa on Sunday night. It was her red, white and blue gown emblazoned with “Make America Great Again” in front and Trump across the train.

The confident singer made a controversial statement in an industry that’s largely in opposition to the new president’s social policies, add to that the fact that Villa identifies as bi-racial.

Princess Joy Villa teased the ensemble on Instagram with a photo of a heart-shaped clutch and a caption stating that her whole artistic platform is about love, adding that she couldn’t be where she is today without the love and tenderness of her beautiful friends and supporters.

The singer-song writer went on to state that she hopes everyone enjoys the #grammyawards2017 as she urged people to forget their problems and focus on the future. Villa wore a white cape to cover her gown before making the big reveal on the red carpet. She’s had a history of wearing polarizing outfits to the Grammys, last year she wore a cage-like ensemble.

Villa attended the Grammys although she wasn’t nominated and many claim that is was a bid for attention from the singer-songwriter. However, its not the first time that she’s worn a dress that resembles budget 2006 Lady Gaga attire.

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