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Why Do Women Need Anal Bleaching?

Some women are out to scrap the bottom of their barrels, as insane as it might sound, the demand for anal bleaching is at an all-time high having increased by about a fifth in the past year.

This comes from women who 'feel under pressure to look like porn stars', as suggested by the figures. The heinous trend was sparked after celebrities – including Sophie Kasaei, Charlotte Crosby, and Kourtney Kardashian – disclosed that they had the procedure done.

The idea revolves around lightening the color of the skin around the anus for cosmetic purposes, so as to make it more uniform with the surrounding area.

The procedure has many treatments that are applied in a salon by a cosmetic technician. It includes laser therapy among others that are sold as the cream that can be applied from home. The trend hit the headlines when Marnie Simpson bleached Sophie's bottom on Geordie Shore in April.

One of the leading medical aesthetic clinics that are based in London has reported a large increase in the number of women and in some cases men, who are asking for the procedure.

According to the clinic manager at HB Health of Knightsbridge, Sheri Johnson, it turns out that: 'We have seen a rise of 23 percent in the past year at the clinic. Laser therapy is the most popular, accounting for around 95 percent and cream treatments about five percent. 'It's predominately women who come for the bleaching but we have had a few men in this year too.

'There's not one particular age group, we get young women right through to older women.

'I think women are feeling under pressure from their partners to emulate the look of adult stars that are seen in porn.'

Sophie's former co-star Charlotte Crosby and Marnie confessed she had the procedure done on Celebs Go Dating. The other was Kourtney Kardashian who also admitted to getting the procedure on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

There’s a major concern as to whether the procedure is safe and what it all entails, well, I’ve never had it done but most clients claim that laser anal bleaching is carried out by using a cutting-edge technology laser. Majority of the clients have a few sessions and each session usually takes 10-15 minutes. Others combine it with cream treatment.

The melamine layer is removed using the laser, thus eliminating the undesirable dark color. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia as 'some people may find it painful' as Ms. Johnson explains. She said: 'People may have a darker coloring around the anus for lots of reasons.

'It may be genetic, or as a result of hormonal changes, age or other conditions.

'Pregnancy and the menopause can have an impact down there too.

'The laser treatment damages the skin so it can rebuild itself and it grows back whiter.

'Laser therapy is more expensive but quicker. It depends on the person but the desired look can be achieved in anything from a few days to a month with laser and with a cream it can take a few months of applications.' Each session of anal bleaching goes for £500 mind you, the majority of the clients need a few sessions.

According to Ms. Johnson, laser bleaching is accompanied by small risks of infection and scarring. She also stressed the importance of having it done in a professional clinic.


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Anonymous No. 13434 2017-12-06 : 14:40

because the a-hole is black..

Anonymous No. 13436 2017-12-06 : 14:56

2017 folks: the year that women started caring about the skin tone of their anus. And they say the West is in decline. We've only just begun.

Anonymous No. 13448 2017-12-07 : 03:41

I'm not looking at that area when I'm pounding ass… I'm fucking it until they can't walk any more.

Anonymous No. 13453 2017-12-07 : 04:18


Yeah, look at those pornstars who wear adult diapers because their butthole has been drilled wide open.

Anonymous No. 13465 2017-12-07 : 05:56

My asshole hangs open like a gigantic teardrop, that you could pass a beer can thru without touching the sides.

But she sure is pretty after my 15 laser scarring treatments.

Ghost Who Walks No. 13503 2017-12-07 : 14:52

I thought it was racist to want to be white!

Courtney No. 13440 2018-08-06 : 11:06

Some people have discoloured anus and feel they “need” to have them bleached. My friend uses Intilight cream for this and she said it works great on her.

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