By: Lawrence Snyder | 02-12-2017 | News
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Sheriff's Debunk Liberal Myth on Sanctuary Cities

Through meetings with President Donald Trump, sheriffs from different parts of the country were able to debunk a popular myth circulating among liberals regarding the benefits of having sanctuary cities. According to law enforcers, it is not true that immigrants are a significant source of information regarding criminal activities.

Ever since the presidential campaign, sanctuary cities have become hot topic among Democrats and Republicans due to Trump’s policies that are aimed toward dismantling them. Following the election, Trump maintained his stance against sanctuaries cities by strictly enforcing immigration laws and promising to deport undocumented individuals illegally living in the U.S.

However, in their attempt to defend the importance of sanctuary cities, many liberals often argued that the immigrants living in these areas are important sources of information for law enforcers. According to leftists, unlike in other areas, immigrants in sanctuary cities do not get deported if they report crimes.

In debates regarding sanctuary cities, especially those that emerged after Trump and Republican lawmakers warned to take away their federal funding if they continue to shelter illegal immigrants, liberals oftentimes resort to this argument to defend these areas.

However, as noted by Jonathan Thompson, the executive director for the National Sheriffs Association, admitted that he has never encountered statistical evidence proving that immigrants serve as helpful sources of information for police officers.

Aside from this, he also pointed out that the liberals’ argument indicates that immigrants are intentionally not reporting criminal activity in sanctuary cities.

“I’ve not even seen anecdotal evidence,” Thompson said. “The sad thing is that [the liberal claim] suggests that people here are aware of criminal activity and are not reporting it.”

“We have to give them specific dispensation so that they’re reporting crimes?” he continued. “I find the irony thicker than anything I can cut with a knife, that somebody here illegally is going to report a crime.”

With this myth on sanctuary cities now debunked, liberals will then most likely fabricate another lie to continue their efforts to shelter illegal aliens.

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