By: Steve Dellar | 12-06-2017 | News
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Video - Oklahoma Senator Caught With Minor In Hotel Room

Former Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey was found in March 9th of this year inside a motel room together with a 17-year-old boy and some marijuana. The 35-year-old married father of four already pleaded guilty to the charges of felony child sex trafficking and is now awaiting sentencing. The video showing the police discovering him in the hotel room has now been made public.

At the time, police forces showed up at the motel room because the young boy’s family had called them.

In the footage, you can see the former Republican Senator opening the door of the motel room where has was with the underage male when police knocked on the door.

The police officer can be heard asking: “So, what are they saying?”

His colleague then replies: “Well, drug-related, maybe. Maybe was coming here to buy some weed. Either here for narcotics, or prostitution for narcotics.”

The first police officer then asks: “Like the kid’s prostituting himself out?”

In the room, the officers stated they smelled marijuana and found condoms and lotion found in a backpack that belonged to Mr Shortey.

After the video cuts out so not to show the teenager, the discussion between Mr Shortey and the police officers is shown.

The police officer tells Mr Shorty the young boy is only 17.

To which the former Republican senator replies “I didn't know that. Can you show me that he's only 17?”

The police officer then states: “No, I can't but I can convince you that he is. I could put you in handcuffs and throw you in the back of a car.”

They later tell Mr Shortey: “Whatever you are doing, it's a bad f** idea. Getting high with a young kid is a bad idea, no matter if they're 17 or 20. It's a bad idea.”

During the discussion, the police officers seem unaware of being in the room with a former Senator.

Mr Shorty risks between 10 years and life in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.


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