By: Savannah Smith | 02-13-2017 | News
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Media's Double Standards On Illegals Crackdown By Obama and Trump Exposed

President Donald Trump is getting a lot of heat from the mainstream media, liberals and pro-immigration groups and individuals for the intense start of his administration's crackdown on illegal immigrants. It is something that should actually not come as a surprise to anyone as going after illegal immigrants was a top campaign pledge of Trump, something that resonated with many Americans, inspiring them to cheer on the then candidate Republican.

The President himself reminded everyone through a Twitter message that he is merely keeping up with his campaign promise as the crackdown on illegals continue. He also specified that gang members, drug dealers and others with criminal records are being removed.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE) confirms that their agents arrested hundreds of illegal immigrants across the country last week, but clarifies that many of those arrested had previous felony convictions including violent charges like child sex crimes, weapons or assault charges. ICE further asserts that such crackdowns are nothing new since the planning started during the Obama administration, and what they are doing now are at par with past operations. ICE also says they conduct such operations two to three times a year.

While the media and the leftists won't leave Trump at peace as he works hard to make the U.S. safer from the threats of illegals, they have basically let former president Barack Obama do his thing with illegal immigration freely. The biased pair of media and liberals did not rain Obama with criticisms for his illegal immigration policies, even if there are striking similarities with what Obama did and Trump's attempts now.

The Migration Policy Institute reported that in 2016, 90% of those deported by the Obama administration from interior U.S. were outlaws. In 2009, 51% of interior removals were of individuals convicted of serious crimes.

Obama removed over 3 million illegals during his term, while Trump's declared target is within the range of 3-4 million illegals that have criminal records. Now, how could these two policies starkly differ? Or is it just the media spin and the nitpicking of liberals that basically cooperated with Obama but are raising hell over Trump now?

Trump's pro-immigration critics seem to be forgetting, too, that they have basically given Obama a pass on in the targeting of so-called sanctuary cities. While they are scoring Trump for issuing that stern warning against 300 jurisdictions that they will lose federal funds if they continue to prevent authorities from arresting criminal illegals, they are also conveniently forgetting- or concealing or omitting- that the Obama Justice Department issued the same warning last summer.

If Obama did it, it's because of political correctness; if Trump is trying to do it, it's because he is an unenlightened bigot and racist. Well, that is if one is to go by the spin of liberals and mainstream media and their penchant for double standards.

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Julie No. 1351 2017-02-13 : 16:38

Thankyou for the sanity and truthfullness of articles ive read so far.

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