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Wisconsin Man Tells Police “He Has Fantasies About Young Girls” Busted for Child Pornography

The town of Sheboygan, Washington isn't exactly well known for Child Sexual predators, and it came as a complete shock to locals that the State Department of Justice has arrested a local man who neighbors believed was just a “normal, hardworking guy” in a case surrounding the innocence of multiple young children.

Law enforcement agents working alongside the State Department of Justice say that they began investigating claims last August that 46-year-old Sheboygan resident McKinley E. Pye had downloaded at least four widely recognizable images of child pornography to a device which was registered to an IP address located at his home.

That eventually prompted the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office to acquire a search warrant and search his residence, which then produced more images involving young children.

Neighbors were reportedly stunned by this revelation, saying that Pye was one of the “nicest men they'd ever met”, and that he'd lived beside them for multiple years without ever any incident.

Sheriff's Deputies then began interrogating Pye, who told them that he “fantasizes about 12 to 14-year-old girls, but keeps these fantasies separate from reality”, according to the arrest affidavit.

A criminal complaint was officially filed on Monday in the Sheboygan County Circuit Court, in which Pye now faces five individual felony counts of possession of child pornography.

“Through the years,” the complaint says, “Pye estimated to viewing hundreds of non-adult pornographic content.”

Pye was being detained on a $35,000 bond, to whereas the Judge ordered him to avoid any and all unsupervised contact with underage boys or girls upon his release if he made bond, and stay in the state of Wisconsin until his trial.

The Judge also asked that both a status conference and a preliminary hearing would be ordered for next week, according to<a

href=""> The Sheboygan Press</a>.

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