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Reports say White House Considering Hiring Private Spies to Counter "Deep State"

“Make Covert Black Ops Great Again”, or at least, that's what the White House is considering doing, according to a series of proposals from the founder of Blackwater, the paramilitary group responsible for covert special operations all across the globe.

Erik Prince, who started Blackwater, is also a retired CIA Operative, who plans to form a joint operation alongside Oliver North (yes, <i>the Iran-Contra legend of the 80s</i> Ollie North), in order to provide the Trump Administration alongside CIA Director Mike Pompeo with their own globalized spy network that would counter the current United States intelligence agencies through circumvention that answered only to the Presidency.

Essentially, a <i>deeper state</i>, which intends to destroy the current Deep State’s continued subversion of the highest elected office in the land.

This is the world we now live in, where the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA all work effectively against the interests of the general population and well, cannot be trusted by the President to provide him with accurate information that isn't explicitly intended to provide propaganda to serve the interests of those same deep state agencies.

The plans from Prince and North, have already been pitched to President Trump, according to<a href=""> The Intercept</a>, in which they believe is a very likely scenario for restoring power to the Oval Office where it belongs.

Of course critics are sure to suggest that this is illegal, or could be used to justify surveillance of Trump's political enemies, essentially making him a (dare I say) God-Emperor; but all memetic potential aside here, on a serious note, the fact that this potentially even has to be considered should strike fear into Americans that our intelligence agencies have gone rogue and are no longer serving the interests of Americans.

As if that's not already obvious, with leak after leak, and even the outright targeting and destruction of a Patriot like Michael Flynn’s entire life's work which has been scrutinized and crushed for not going alongside the chosen narrative, should be the wakeup call needed for most Americans who are on the fence still.

“Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him,” said a senior U.S. intelligence official, now retired, who has firsthand knowledge of the proposals which have been reviewed by the White House in various discussions. “It is a direct-action arm, totally off the books,” this person said, meaning the intelligence collected would not be shared with the rest of the CIA or the larger intelligence community. “The whole point is this is supposed to report to the President and Pompeo directly.”

Apparently, some of the individuals involved in the discussions to seek out this new and elite organization have already pitched this to Trump's donors, in an effort to fundraise for this modern-day, privatized grassroots spy agency that would essentially be at the beck and call of the President of the United States of America.

It's quite interesting, to say the least.

In the sense of crime fighting and liberty, you could go as far as saying that President Trump is Batman, and this would be his Justice League, so-to-speak.

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These new proposals would utilize what's described as an army of spies, with no official coverage in several countries deemed “denied areas” for current American intelligence personnel, including North Korea and Iran.

The White House has also considered creating a “new global rendition unit”, which would be meant to capture terrorist suspects around the world, without sending in Special Forces or committing to airstrikes, as well as leading a major propaganda campaign in the Middle East and Europe to combat Islamic extremism and Iranian interests.

It seems for now, this is actually a legitimate consideration of this Administration, and that moving forward, there's dozens of reasons for it to actually bear fruit, giving those donors essentially a namesake organization to serve future Presidents, infinitely and eternally, drawing their interests in such a way that they'd have a legacy, as well as for providing the President a trusting means to completely black operations without worrying that the Marxist intelligence community can interfere or leak his plans.

The arguments against this idea will tell you the following sarcastically:

“Sure, less accountability is exactly what the government needs,” and then roll their eyes.

As a response, one could easily argue that less accountability, in responsible hands, being the will of the people (who elect the President) knowing that the President has the interests of the people at heart; undoubtedly need this useful tool to ensure there will not be undermined by rogue intelligence agencies who do the bidding of the elite over that of the people.

Any system which is designed and intentionally used to help the people will succeed until it is routed by corruption that willingly rots away the inside for personal gain.

Pray that Trump makes good on his promise to <i>”Make America Great Again”</i> and punish the traitors in such a way that they truly fear ever betraying us ever again.

If he doesn't follow through in that fashion, we lose everything once again when control of the Presidency is returned to corruption.

The only reason the intelligent agencies fight this, is because they know it will be used against them. It's the only reason we know about it at all; if it was going to be used by Obama, or Clinton, or any of the Bushes; nobody would ever know this existed at all.

An excellent point, and one to consider.

There is a real information war occurring. At times it's hard to realize the difference between the mainstream media (which is supposed to be independently owned) yet continuously pushes a deep state, globalist backed narrative on their airwaves.

You see, if the JFK files taught you anything, it's that a “free press” for example is a myth.

Much of the “Deep State” including CIA assets (at least 50 journalists a half-century ago) were on their payroll. This is just a fact.

Similarly, you hear about McCarthyism from the left as if it were a bad thing, when in fact, McCarthy had originally intended to root out and keep out Communists from the government, Hollywood, media, and any positions that could indoctrinate the youth (he failed, unfortunately).

While this seems overly dramatic, it also seems very plausible and makes sense.

I'm not sure how to keep them from infiltrating this organization as well, however, which would be the foremost problem.

I'm a matter of time, this same new organization of Presidential spies could just as easily be corrupted.

This is something to monitor and pay attention to, as well as debate the pros and cons of such.

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me No. 13386 2017-12-05 : 17:45

There is no "deep state". Republicanism is dead and American conservatism is the modern nazi party. Welcome to the end of your era.

Anonymous No. 13387 2017-12-05 : 18:06

You know, this whole counter-deepstate operation would have been a good idea if it wasn’t for the fact that THEY FUCKING GAVE AWAY THEIR ELEMENT OF SURPRISE BY ANNOUNCING ALL THIER PLANS.

Fucking Hell, it’s like every intelligence agency is run by agent Double-Oh Dipshit.

Anonymous No. 13388 2017-12-05 : 18:18

PATRIOTS are real and they dindu nuffin.

Anonymous No. 13390 2017-12-05 : 18:54

Its the jews.

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