By: Savanna Smith | 12-05-2017 | News
Photo credit: AAP

Yiannopoulos Hits The Left as “Petulant Babies” for Stirring Trouble in Australia

Controversial Milo Yiannopoulos is in Australia for a tour and visited Canberra’s Parliament House on the invitation of Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm.

Anti-fascists protesters assembled outside Milo’s Sydney event.

A strong police force stood outside the Lilyfield function center, including squad units and police officers mounted on horses. Officials were forced to ramp up security measures for the British commentator and even had to keep the location of his Sydney visit a secret until the last minute after receiving multiple death threats.

Three protesters have been arrested for triggering chaos. Socialist Alliance members are among the protesters and angrily chanted “Nazi scum” and also demanded that Yiannopoulos leave Australia.

On Monday night, antifas also started trouble at Milo’s Melbourne speaking event. The violent scenes left five Aussie officers injured. Heavily armed police were also forced to step in when the altercation between the antifas and Milo’s supporters from the right intensified. Police were forced to use pepper spray on the rowdy crowds.

Yiannopoulos usually draws sell-out around the world with his speeches discussing his controversial criticisms of feminism, transgender people, and Islam.

Several supporters of Milo were also chased off by the police after brief heated encounters with antifas.

Early Tuesday, Yiannopoulos attended a Question and Answer session at the Parliament House. Antifas showed up and heckled him in Canberra as he entered a packed room of supporters, journalists and even those who are plainly just curious about him. In spite of the noise created by the antifas, there were no security issues or threats to Milo’s safety.

Yiannopoulos pinned the blame on the “petulant babies” of the left for the clash. Milo said in a local radio interview: “There was a lot of kerfuffle out front, it was not as newspapers reported ‘it was a clash between the far left and the far right’. It was the left, showing up, being violent to stop freedom of speech. The left really showed us who they are… they are petulant babies.”


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