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Facebook Launches Messenger For Kids Under 13

Strictly speaking, Facebook is off limits for everyone under 13, but given the fact that prevention methods are trivial, this basically means that some 20 million under-13-year-olds are currently thought to be using the network. In order to make that into a new market, Facebook now launches an app, especially for those users.

So as from today, with a privacy-focused app designed to neutralize child predator threats that plague youth-focused competitors like Snapchat, “Messenger Kids” lets parents download the app on their child’s phone or tablet, create a profile for them and then approve friends and family with whom they can text and video chat from the main Messenger app.

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Facebook’s Head of Messenger, Mr. David Marcus, stated: “When you think about things at a scale that we do to get people to care more about Messenger, this is one that addresses a real need for parents.”

“But the side effect will be that they use Messenger more and create family groups.”

Mr. Marcus is mostly excited about the new built-in features for Facebook Messenger for kids, all creative tools, from fidget spinner and dinosaur AR masks to crayon-style stickers. “Video calls become so much more playful with AR.”

“Sometimes after 5 or 10 minutes, it’s really hard to have a sustained conversation with a 7-year-old. but kids can joke around with Grampa using the selfie filters when they run out of run-on stories to tell them.”

Lastly, Facebook says this is a novel and good way to keep your memories stored as from a very early age on.

“When I was in my mid-twenties, you never think you’re going to be gone, ever,” 33-year-old Marcus admitted.

“Zuckerberg has been thinking a lot about the future he wants to leave behind for his kids.”


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save your children!!!

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