By: Kyle James | 12-05-2017 | News
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Man Invents A 12 Gauge Rigged Box To Stop Package Theft

Package theft is becoming an increasingly common problem, almost certainly everyone has experienced it at least once. One man set out to combat package theft and he is doing it with a 12 gauge blank and a few simple parts.

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The product is called "The Blank Box", it is designed to trigger a very loud boom when someone attempts to pick up the package. It doesn't use real ammo or gunpowder according to the website but if you really wanted there's nothing stopping you from using a real round besides the law.

A court probably wouldn't look too favorably on a death trap so let's just assume your only going to use it with the special blanks it comes with. There will be a loud boom, likely loud enough to leave your ears ringing if you're in an enclosed porch space and the sudden flash of the blank going off may be more visible at night.

It works by essentially using a brick as a weight with a spring loaded hammer that is drilled into the brick, a razor blade with a string attacked slides into a groove, the string is attached to an empty box which your bait and once it's loaded and someone tries to pick it up the string removes the razor which lets the spring-loaded hammer strike the blank round making a very loud boom.

Whoever picks up the package is in for quite the scare, the product's designer even maintains a YouTube channel dedicated to all the numskulls he has caught trying to steal packages from his porch with a surveillance camera. It's quite a satisfying concept, knowing these people are stealing from you justifies any type of scare they get and seeing it on candid camera is even better.

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Anonymous No. 13367 2017-12-05 : 12:22

Just have your little sister look after the packages.

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