By: Earnest Jones | 02-11-2017 | News
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Brianna Wu’s Lack Of Credibility Is A Growing Concern: He Hopes To Use The Poor As Pawns

It’s unfortunate that some liberals think that voting a videogame developer into Congress will solve the complex problems that the state of Massachusetts is facing. On the 21st Dec, Brianna Wu made it clear that he’d run for Congress is him home state in Massachusetts. He later clarified that he’d be running as a Democrat against Stephen F. Lynch, a Congress man in the 8th District, in the 2018 midterms.

Brianna Wu’s move to race against Lynch is farfetched owing to the fact that Lynch has been a member of congress since way back in 2001 and he’s defeated every candidate that appeared on his way.

Add to that the fact that this video game developer has no political experience, all that he seems to have is a large portion of feminists due to the long hours he’s spent speaking against online harassment. Him first appearance was during the infamous GamerGate mess which later evolved into a large-scale harassment campaign that questioned the integrity of gaming journalism.

After speaking out against the organization, he became a prominent figure for women’s rights in the gaming community and as a result, he’s appeared on MSNBC, Inc. and The Guardian to speak out against GamerGate and later on the alt-right movement that is closely associated with it.

The issue of alleged credibility is a major concern to most people and despite him experience dealing with the alt-right as an opponent of GamerGate, that’s not adequate to define him as a qualified member of Congress.

Wu’s campaign is built on a shaky foundation since he’s basically campaigning for nepotism. He clearly announced that one of him stated goals is to give a large focus to the tech industry.

Wu also lack credibility as a feminist based on the fact that he desires to divert funds to the predominantly white and male tech industry, add to that the fact that tech is not a market that’s welcome to people without expensive degrees, endorsing its expansion into areas whime it isn’t particularly large or needed is ultimately a pro-gentrification stance.

He also stated that he agree with Bernie Sanders on the need to focus on the working class. However, he claims that those in the conservative states, regardless of who they voted, deserve to have their education and healthcare taken away from them as leverage against their public officials, who care not. This clearly shows that he has no idea what he’s talking about, since that would benefit no one but would instead hurt the working class in these states.

Majority of Wu’s campaign has been focused on women’s rights and him self-stylings as a progressive. However, a closer look at him policies indicate that they don’t directly relate to women’s rights, they are identical to the conservative platform that he’s running against. Him focus is on Pro-gentrification as he supports big industries with only a cursory acknowledgement of smaller businesses, and deliberately taking away from the underprivileged and marginalized Americans in a bid to spite him political enemies.

It’s evident that Wu knows nothing about politics or he’s trying to use the poor as pawns, proving that he either an idiot or actively malicious. Both are likely and equally troubling.

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