By: Earnest Jones | 02-11-2017 | News
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Meet Federica Mogherini: The EU Minister Who Advocates For White Genocide

It’s unfortunate that having inclination towards the far-right renders one almost incapable of having a career in the mainstream political arena. That’s not the case for individuals who’ve been involved in the far-left politics, even when the involvement is considerable and relatively unremitting. For the same reasons, the Europeans have to be subjected to the despicable comments of Federica Mogherini, who is the current High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Shortly after making a speech in which she revealed her genocidal hatred for her own people, Mogherini was all over the news, she also expressed her desire to flood her native continent with Third World debris in retaliation to the wishes of the European people who support a strong stance on immigration.

Mogherini was speaking at a meeting on the migrant crisis in Malta, where she said that she believes Europeans should understand that there’s need for migration for the economies and for the welfare systems, due to the current demographic trend that requires sustainability. She also slammed European countries that are trying to protect their populations, adding that their stance was confrontation based instead of cooperation. Mogherini also emphasized that Europe does not and will not close its doors since Europeans have been migrants up to few years ago.

Surprisingly, Mogherini went to the extent of playing the Left’s main card by guilt-tripping Whites using their altruism and moral decency against them when she gave the illustration of how immigrants perish at sea and in the desert as they try to make their way to Europe, adding that the dangerous journeys can be prevented if Europeans manage the situation together.

Unfortunately, Mogherini forgot to point out that the real reason as to why migrants suffer in large numbers is because people like her are providing the incentive of a Europe where they can live on welfare. This is the same reason that drives many of them to risk their lives to reach the European ferry service that plucks them out of the sea in large numbers every month.

It's worth asking the crucial question on who exactly Mogherini is now that she’s suddenly Europe’s foreign minister. A closer look reveals that she 43 years old and she is the daughter of a mediocre movie director, while at the age of 15 years, she joined the Italian Communist Party, and now she has a career in mainstream politics in modern Europe.

Following the collapse of the Italian Communist Party back in 1996, she joined the Democrats of the Left where a new party that was made up of the debris from the old Left, including herself. The party then merged with another small party to become the Democratic Party (DP) back in 2007.

Mogherini attempts to trick voters by mixing toxic Leftism in more acceptable political flavors and then rebrand the package with the colors of a fake centrist party. The strategy worked well, after the DP became one of the big parties in Italy and part of the large coalition of Center Left parties in the EU Parliament, that included the likes of the UK Labour Party. The cold hard truth is the fact that its more accurate to describe most of the parties in the coalition as pro-globalist and hard left Cultural Marxists. It’s unfortunate that Mogherini, who is a de facto ex- Communist and now a demographic extremist supporting genocidal racial replacement, through the influence of the powerful bloc was able to obtain the job as the EU’s foreign policy chief. Having joined Angela Merkel who happens to be another female ex-Communist, she’ll try to destroy Europe as much as she can.

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