By: Savannah Smith | 02-11-2017 | News
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Poll Says Even Canadians Prefer Trump's Handling Of Economy and Security Than Trudeau's

Political correctness may make a leader look good before his people and the world, but the most important things to citizens even from wealthy countries are still the economy and security. Such is not really surprising, because the economy matters, jobs matter and at the end of the day, political correctness may somehow make people feel good about themselves especially how they project to people and the outside world, but it certainly won't feed them and keep them safe always.

It may appear revealing then but not really shocking when a survey firm in Canada released a pre- Trump Inauguration poll that shows while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to be well-loved and well-liked by his own people and logically enjoys more popularity than Trump in his territory, there are actually two fields where Trump beat Trudeau in terms of Canadians' approval- the economy and national security.

The poll released this week conducted by Mainstreet Research shows that Canadians prefer Trump's approach to managing the economy compared to Trudeau, with Trump enjoying 53% approval ratings compared to 43% approval ratings of Trudeau.

Trump is also ahead of Trudeau in matters of national security as Canadians expressed more confidence and gave greater nod to Trump's approach to national security matters than their own Prime Minister. Trump enjoys 51% ratings on national security compared with Trudeau's 39%.

Sure, Canadians expressed better approval on politically-correct personal attributes such as compassion for their own popular Trudeau than Trump, but it is of course telling that the economy and national security are the universal top priorities of every nation, and for most citizens.

Trump campaigned hard on a strong platform of Making America Great Again, top most of which is by reinvigorating the U.S.economy. Trump promised to create and bring back jobs in the U.S. for Americans. He has been delivering on this pledge since winning the election. Trump also vowed to make the U.S. safe and secure by guarding its borders and ensuring potential terrorists would not be able to enter the country. Of course, we know how he is fulfilling this pledge, even at the cost of inviting intense controversies with his recent order for a temporary travel ban from seven predominantly Muslim countries which have become havens for terrorists.

The survey was conducted from January 18 to 29, with 1,500 person sample in 10 days. Random landline and mobile phone calls were used to conduct the said poll. The survey also had an error of margin of 2.5%.

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