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Trump Urge Voters To Make Hillary's Health A Crucial Election Issue

Republican nominee Donald Trump reiterates how huge the responsibilities of the next US president are going to be, and how physically-taxing the duties would be that it's important for the American people to elect a healthy president- in an apparent attack on the questionable health status of his rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump makes the statement in front of a massive crowd in his Mannheim, Pennsylvania rally on Saturday as he urge voters

 to make the state of health of presidential aspirants a serious campaign issue.  The real estate mogul underscores that with so much battles ahead to make America great again, Clinton simply does not have the "stamina" for the presidency.

" Here's a woman who is supposed to fight trade deals with China. We can't let China take advantage of us anymore.",  Trump said.

 Enumerating other massive concerns facing the nation including conflict issues overseas, Trump continues, " She's supposed to fight all of these things and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. Give me a break."

 Mrs. Clinton has mostly been mum about her state of health amidst wide speculations that she is ill, until a video of  her circulated showing her almost collapsing and being  helped and led into her vehicle at the 9/11 attacks ceremony.

Clinton's camp later released a statement about her suffering from pneumonia, with out other insightful details  or information that could allay fears of her state of  health. Lingering doubts about Clinton's health include allegations she could be suffering from more serious illnesses including Parkinson's disease.

" Folks, we need stamina. We need energy, we need people who are going to turn deals around", Trump emphasises to his

 huge Mannheim audience.

 Trump reminds the crowd that " Pennsylvania is where I went to school, where my children went to school," and egging his

 supporters to bring him victory in this state, and every where.

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