By: Steve Dellar | 12-04-2017 | News
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Trump's Fast Food Binges Revealed

Mr. Corey Lewandowski, who worked on the Trump campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election, has written a book about his former boss, called ‘Let Trump Be Trump’. Though the material is mostly entertainment as to how the campaign played out, what was mostly remembered in the press when he plugged it on the Sunday shows, was the enormous fast-food appetite of the current President.

His preferred order at McDonald’s was two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fishes, and a chocolate milkshake.

If this is true, then that amounts to 2,420 calories which contain 112g of fat, or about 172% of his recommended daily allowance (as well as 3,470mg of salt or 144% of his recommended daily intake).

According to Mr. Lewabndowsky, all the meals on board the presidential campaign plane were dominated by fast food: “On Trump Force One there were four major food groups: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke.”

Furthermore, President Trump is a germaphobe, meaning he will not eat from a previously opened package, so whenever staffers would hand him a snack or a cookie, they had to make sure it was still wrapped.

The Trump force one plane’s cupboards were at all times fully stacked with his favorite cookies, being Vienna Fingers, potato chips, pretzels and many packages of Oreos in all flavors.

Further, in the book, Mr. Lewandowski revealed how the current President likes his pants steamed, and how Miss Hope Hicks would be steaming them when he was still wearing them.

According to the book, Mr. Trump screamed out: “ ‘Get the machine!’ And Hope would take out the steamer and start steaming Mr. Trump’s suit, while he was wearing it! She’d steam the jacket first and then sit in a chair in front of him and steam his pants.”


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