By Kyle James   |  12-04-2017   News
Photo credit: Laurel County Detention Center

A man from London was arrested in Laurel County, Kentucky after he allegedly broke into a home, drank milk from the refrigerator and ate ice cream. The bold burglar snacked away while the homeowner was upstairs.

When the homeowner's dog started barking to warn of the intruder, he came downstairs and discovered a man in his kitchen drinking milk and munching away on ice cream.

The Laurel County Sheriff's office says the homeowner did not know the man and upon investigating the indecent they determined he had unlawfully entered the home.

The milk burglar's name is Joshua Hampton, 24, from London and he has been charged with second-degree burglary. Deputies took Hampton to the Laurel County Detention Center.

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Be glad that wasn't a woman on her period, with him eating her chocolate ice cream. They would've been hauling away ground hamburger.

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