By: Savannah Smith | 02-10-2017 | News
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So Much Hatred In Their Hearts: Liberals Deny Even Ivanka's Right To Go To The Gym

Democrats and their liberal supporters through the willing cooperation and participation of biased mainstream media love to propagate the narrative that they have such bleeding hearts for the welfare and concern of all refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and everyone else they consider "disadvantaged" in any way. They like to proclaim their so-called political correctness as a badge of honor, as a great virtue that makes them such wonderful individuals for the world and all of humanity.

Unfortunately, that's just the part of the 'script' they want the American public to know, part of the image they want to project. The simplest things, however, can expose them easily for the big hypocrites that they are. And when one looks closer, there's so much hatred and vile in those supposed bleeding hearts of Democrats and liberals.

Take for example the case of First Daughter Ivanka Trump. She has, of course, recently moved to Washington, D.C. from her home base of NYC when her father was inaugurated as the 45th President of the U.S. Aside from her priority of ensuring that her young family gets settled comfortably and well adjusted to their new home and community, of course empowered, physically active, healthy Ivanka would also like some " me time" taking care of herself and making sure she stays in top form, as every regular woman does.

Ivanka wanted to attend a workout class in a trendy gym in the D.C. area. She signed up for one using a pseudo name understandably for security reasons, in all likelihood based on the instructions of her security detail. It should have been no big deal- she signs up, pays for the class, works out a sweat, goes home, all good. But apparently not. Not for the haughty owner at least. It was not okay for the owner for Ivanka, even in a quiet, unassuming and dignified manner to attend her class or go to her gym. As far as the owner is concerned, Ivanka should be shunned, shamed, unaccepted simply because she is a Trump, daughter to the President serving the gcountry, but a leader the owner simply dislikes. So what's the liberal owner to do? Oh simple, "classy"- shame Ivanka publicly!

Owner of the gym chain Solidcore Anne Mahlum lashed out at Ivanka on Facebook for going to her gym, attending a class and simply for being Ivanka, daughter to Donald Trump. Mahlum also had a litany of all her so-called disagreement with the President and his policies and pronouncements as White House Chief. For Mahlum, it was a political thing, and hating on Ivanka is politically-correct even if the First Daughter has not done anything wrong to her or anyone.

It's funny how liberals are so "open", "compassionate", " caring" for the 'disadvantaged' so willing to open America's borders and their arms to any refugee and immigrant even from terrorist strongholds even without vetting just to satisfy their lust for political correctness, but would be so arrogant, cold and unChristian as to shame and shun anyone who just wants to avail of simple life's pleasure or even necessity as fitness regime in a gym.

Really shame on Mahlum, instead of publicly humiliating Ivanka simply for attending one of her classes and daring to step foot inside her trendy gym and being shunned as if she were the plague, Mahlum if she is really so politically-correct and passionate about her beliefs could have used the opportunity of Ivanka going to her gym to directly talk to her, hold a dialogue, push for policies and reforms she believes in. After all, it was often speculated during the campaign that Ivanka is liberals' closest link to Trump.

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Anonymous No. 1337 2017-02-11 : 18:24

ivanka is a darling! hang on, never mind the haters. you are a great girl!

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