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Former Employee Of Forever 21 Suing Over Hidden Camera In Bathroom

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A Providence, Rhode Island woman is suing her former employer Forever 21 after finding out a candid video of her in the employee restroom was on a porn website.

The lawsuit filed in a New York federal court Tuesday says the video shows the plaintiff partially undressed and was spread to "thousands of online viewers" on several pornographic websites. The plaintiff didn't become aware of the video until five years after leaving her job at Forever 21 in December 2011 when someone pointed out the video's existence.

Forever 21 is accused of negligence in the lawsuit saying it did not equip the employee locker room with any security features that could have prevented the video from being taken. The plaintiff was a student at Providence College at the time and is seeking $2 million in damages from her former employer.

Hidden cameras that are virtually impossible to see can be purchased for as little as $100. They come hidden in various objects such as wall chargers, clocks, and other discrete objects.

The lawsuit comes in the wake of an announcement by the company that their credit card systems had been hacked at certain stores. Forever 21 operates more than 815 stores in 57 countries but did not say which were affected.

The hidden camera incident occurred at the Providence Place Mall location of Forever 21 but the company has declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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Anonymous No. 13272 2017-12-04 : 09:15

In all fairness was the camera planted by a F21 employee or some jerk with a fetish?

BTW: do you have a URL pointer (humor)

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