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$750M Madonna Flies Coach

Pictures of Madonna flying Economy Class from London to Lisbon were posted on the internet. Why is $750 million Popstar sitting in a coach seat for just $62?

This Material girl was sitting in the window seat in gym clothes and without makeup. She was doing something with the phone and was in a cold mood. The seat in the middle was empty during flight, so she could have bought both seats.

It's only 2 hours and 30 minutes flight, but if you are a star of the same class as her, you may choose a private flight - you may choose to ride at least on the upper floor cabin.

It is surprising to see Madonna dressed down in such a mass-market situation, but it was not the first time she was there, it is not the last one. But why? let's ask Andy Cohen.

In his first book The Andy Cohen Diaries: "A Deep Look at a Shallow Year"

Andy sat on the first class on a flight. He was chatting with the flight attendant. That flight attendant told Andy that they are on the same plane with Madonna. Andy was surprised and tried to find her. She sat on a regular coach class window seat and said, "come up front to see him later."

Later he texted her from his seat and mentioned he was surprised to see her flying regular airplane and not even in first class. She replied, "I do it all the time. I'm everyday people."

Andy wrote that he chatted with her again before landing and she told him it's too expensive to fly private all the time.

She even said that you can feed a lot of people with the amount you spend to fly back and forth from LA!

Madonna now said to be splitting her time between America, London, and Portugal.

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Anonymous No. 13262 2017-12-04 : 03:01

first row seats are terrible because the partitions cant be moved up. its a waste to buy both seats if you cant even splay out.

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