By: Savannah Smith | 02-10-2017 | News
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Paris To Build Bulletproof Wall Around Eiffel Tower Due To Terrorist Threats

Liberals and Trump haters who refuse to see the common sense need and practical use for the security of the American people of the President's proposal to build walls on its borders to deter illegal immigrants from entering the country should know that with the real and strong threat of terrorism, building walls and the like is increasingly becoming a good option for other countries as well.

France is one such nation as plans to erect a bulletproof wall around the iconic Eiffel Tower are in the works. French Daily Le Parisien reported that the monument will undergo a massive facelift by next autumn. While it is also a part of a major renovation project, the more compelling reason for France is to tighten security in the face of recent terrorist attacks and continuing threats against the country.

France is, of course, still reeling from the fresh wounds and lingering national trauma left by the gruesome November 13, 2015 Paris attacks that massacred 130 people and injured scores of others. It was a coordinated string of attacks that included bombings and mass shootings at different venues across Paris, among them a soccer stadium and the live music venue, the Bataclan. ISIS took responsibility for the carnage and even deplorably hailed the unimaginable violence as "miracles".

Calls for tighter security measures, protecting borders and growing sentiments for anti-immigration have risen among French people since the terror attacks in 2015.

Initially, heightened security measures were also undertaken around the capital's iron lady, but such were intended for the 2012 European football championships. Temporary fences were installed. Even if those were criticized for being unattractive, the barriers will now become permanent with the building of 2.5 meter high bullet proof glass wall.

The security measures are also part of a bigger £300 million worth of renovation plan to modernize the site over the next 15 years. Topmost concern, of course, is to keep Paris safe from terrorists and to avoid a repeat of the 2015 tragedy.

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