By: Steve Dellar | 12-03-2017 | News
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Germany Offers To Pay Refugees $4,000 To Return Home

Back in 2015, Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Germany’s borders and famously said ‘Wir Schaffen Das’ (we, Germany, can handle it). About a million came and 2 years later, some 15% of the voting public voted for an anti-immigrant party, leaving her with very difficult coalition talks.

Now, with the latest idea of her party being floated to asylum seekers, it might well be that the voters will be left even more angry than before.

In order to make the rejected asylum seekers go home, back to Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan in most cases, the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, has now launched the idea of helping them with their reintegration once back at home. Helping financially he means.

For years already, the German government has been helping rejected asylum seekers and others with financial help to return to their countries, covering the costs associated with travel and restarting their life back home. Now, Mr de Maiziere said, asylum seekers can receive up to €3,000 ($3,570) if they decide to return home by the end of February 2018.

Mr de Maiziere: "When you voluntarily decide to return by the end of February, in addition to startup help you can provisionally receive housing cost help for the first 12 months in your homeland."

"There are opportunities in your homeland. We will support you with concrete help for your reintegration."

His program would be called "Your country. Your future. Now!"

The German government indeed need to make some changes to their deportation plans for rejected asylum seekers, as the Bavarian Interior Ministry had to admit that Afghans who are about to be deported tend to disappear days before their flight is to leave.

The local conservative press blamed pro-refugee groups for helping the groups of Afghans who have gone underground and states most of the rejected refugees are being told to return as they have committed criminal acts during their one or two years stay in Germany.


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Anonymous No. 13227 2017-12-03 : 13:51

It was the 3rd Muslim Invasion and the Socialists and Globalists welcomed it.

Make no mistake the Middle East Muslim culture is near totally alien to Europe and Other Western cultures and has become a deadly conflict in itself.

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