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Savage In Pennsylvania Assaults Man With Cerebral Palsy Using Scalding Water

An absolutely disturbing story coming out of Pennsylvania, where a monstrous black thug assaulted an innocent White disabled man.

According to the Harrisburg Police Department, they've now apprehended 26-year-old Akeem Nixon, of whom State Attorney General Josh Shapiro has now charged with neglect of a care-dependent person and aggravated assault, both first-degree felonies.

The incident goes back to when Akeem Nixon was employed at Lakeshore Community Services, a residential home for the mentally disabled, as a residential aide this past summer.

The Office of the Attorney General says that Nixon was at his workplace alone along with a 38-year-old man who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, until the end of his shift.

Once his replacement came onto duty, Nixon told them that the mentally deficient man was asleep and that everything was fine.

Once the incoming aid began to make his rounds to check on the patients, the 38-year-old man with Cerebral Palsy then rushed out of his room saying, “Hurt. Hurt!”

When the caregivers inspected the man, he was covered in burns all across his body, so they then immediately transported him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The hospital determined that the Cerebral Palsy patient had suffered from second-degree burns over 20% of his body.

The patient then “verbally indicated” that Nixon was responsible for the burns, which prompted a several month-long investigation into what happened.

The patient was in the hotpot all for over two weeks seeking treatment for his severe burns, none of which the hospital believed he could have done to himself.

At the end of the investigation, it was determined that the patient was physically assaulted with scalding hot water as a result of the caregiver, Nixon.

Nixon was preliminarily arraigned on the charges in Erie on Wednesday night. Bail was set at $100,000, according to<a href="">CBS Pittsburgh</a>.

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