By: Savannah Smith | 12-02-2017 | News
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Woman Had Abortion 15 Years Ago; ‘Baby’ Remained Inside Her Body

A woman had an abortion 15 years ago- and that ‘baby’ she refused to have still haunts her up to now, literally.

The woman is shocked to discover that she is still carrying the baby a decade and a half after and it had turned into a calcified fetus within her abdomen.

Now 52, the woman from Nagpur, northern India, had then terminated her pregnancy because her family was not in favor of her having another child.

The woman only became aware of the “stone baby” when she sought medical attention for her abdominal pain and persistent nausea.

The woman first became alarmed when she stopped menstruating five years ago, so she decided to see a specialist at Junankar Surgical Nursing Home.

Examinations showed that there was an intestinal obstruction, a blockage in her food pipe along with a stone-like structure.

Dr. Nilesh Junankar said: “Due to this unusual report, a laparoscopy was done and to our utter surprise, there was a four-month-old baby in the abdomen. We were very shocked. It’s extremely rare. “

Dr. Junankar calls it “abdominal pregnancy” and says the chance of having it is one in 11,000 pregnancies and only between 1.5 to 1.8% of abdominal pregnancies develop into Lithopedia.

So far, the doctor and his team have removed the ‘stone baby’ from woman’s body and her four feet intestines have also been removed.

The woman has been discharged from the hospital. She is thankful that she is finally freed from a decade of pain. She could also finally put that one decision to abort her baby a long time ago behind.

It was not clarified whether the woman ever regretted going for abortion. It is also not clear whether the abortion or how it was carried out had a factor in her condition.


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