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It is both horrifying and unimaginable but a man is accused of violently killing his own mother and attempting to do the same to his sister.

The man bludgeoned his mother’s head with an ax in their family’s east Orlando home in Central Florida before trying to drown his sister in the pool.

The man is identified as 27-year-old Adam Farney and he faces charges in the attack that killed his mother, 52-year-old Lori Farney.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that the suspect’s sister, Autumn Farney, called 911 around 11 p.m. after she fled to a neighbor’s home.

23-year-old Autumn told deputies that she heard her mother on the porch scream “Adam, no!” The report also says Autumn ran outside and saw her brother standing over their mother with an ax.

Autumn went on to question her brother but he also attacked her with a knife. Autumn tried to fight off her brother but she was still stabbed in her collarbone. Adam also wrapped his hands around her throat and tried to strangle her. Autumn luckily got away.

It was not the end of Autumn’s woes as Adam eventually caught up with her, dragged her to the pool where Autumn said in the report that Adam held her underwater. Still Autumn continued fighting her brother in order to survive and stay alive.

The report also says: “Autumn said she couldn’t breathe but continued to swing the knife around but was not sure if she actually made contact with Adam.” Autumn was eventually able to break free and then ran to her neighbor’s home to seek help.

Adam then barricaded himself in their home for several hours. A SWAT team was later able to convince him to surrender.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jane Watrel said Adam was brought to the hospital for check-ups. He will be transferred after to the Orange County Jail where he would be booked on charges of first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder.

Adam did not provide a motive for his horrific actions when questioned by deputies.

Prior to the incident, Adam did not have a criminal record but has a history of mental illness. Earlier this year, he was taken to a mental health facility under Florida’s Baker Act. The act allows people to be involuntarily detained and given emergency mental-health evaluations if they are believed to be a threat to themselves or to others.


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