By: Lawrence Synder | 02-09-2017 | News
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Netflix Boycott Needed to Prevent George Soros From Controlling Media

Notorious investor George Soros owns $32.8 million worth of shares in Netflix, which indicates that he might have a strong influence over the programs released by the California-based entertainment company. This means that in order to prevent Soros from further manipulating what viewers see, a total boycott against Netflix must be carried out.

In late last year, it was reported that Soros’ hedge fund liquidated its shares with General Motors and Disney after buying stakes in Netflix. At that time, the Soros Fund Management owned about 318,000 shares in the entertainment company.

For some, Soros’ decision to buy Netflix shares is a simple business move. However, given the investor’s track record, it can also be considered as a way for the billionaire to fund liberal media.

Soros has been known to use his financial resources to support movements against President Donald Trump and his organization. Aside from being one of the strongest investors of former Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton, it was also proven that Soros funded far-left groups such as Refuse Fascism, one of the groups that orchestrated the riot at U.C. Berkeley. According to a previous report by the Daily Caller, Soros gave the group $50,000 to stage a violent protest in order to prevent conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos from addressing the students.

In addition, Soros also tried to derail Trump’s presidential campaign last year by donating tens of thousands of dollars to high-profile members of the Republican Party such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. According to reports, the donations were meant to serve as incentives for these individuals to oppose Trump.

As for his ties with Netflix, Soros will certainly use his stake ownership to influence the entertainment company to continue producing anti-conservative programs. With Soros at the helm, it probably will not come as a surprise if Netflix continues to promote shows about dystopian societies and those with anti-government themes.

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J. Disher No. 1316 2017-02-09 : 15:45

Cancelling subscription. This man is dangerous and just plain evil. As Lenin said - take over the communications and you have won.

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