By: Kyle James | 12-01-2017 | News
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Video Catches Amazon Delivery Driver Defecating In Front Of Sacramento Home

When one Amazon delivery driver showed up to a home to deliver a package, she left behind more than just the delivery. The driver left a hot steamy pile of poo right in front of the house.

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The culprit is a contracted Amazon driver and a homeowner caught them on video stepping outside the U-Haul van, checking if the coast is clear and defecating in the gutter outside the house.

The "deposit" was left around 3 p.m. Tuesday on a quiet suburban street in Sacramento County. Nemy Bautista is the Amazon customer who shared the video of the woman doing her business right in the street.

The driver ran back into the van before driving off and leaving the mess for all to see. Bautista came home and found the human waste at the end of his driveway prompting him to check his surveillance video. He reported the incident to Amazon and sent them the video.

Amazon then contacted the delivery service provider which then sent a supervisor five hours later to "deal" with the feces. Bautista says the supervisor didn't have gloves or any sanitary way of dealing with the poop so they simply moved the pile out of the street leaving Bautista to put the rest in the trashcan.

Bautista posted on Facebook, "The delivery company supervisor came out in his personal car and was not prepared for cleanup. He was in shock when he saw the size of 'it.' He ended up scooping it up with a plastic bag, but didn't want to take it with him (it smelled really bad)."

The driver was working independently as a contractor but Amazon has still taken responsibility for the incident.

Amazon spokesman Ernesto Apreza said, "This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we're in direct communication with the customer."

At least Bautista got an Amazon gift card for his troubles.

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Anonymous No. 13096 2017-12-01 : 10:32

Sorry can't blame Amazon for the contracted drivers hygiene issues.

But here is something I have an issue with Amazon with.

While Cyber-Monday shopping I quickly noted what seemed the price cuts were being made up with what appeared to be increased Shipping & Handling costs.

I found I could order the same items from other online sellers at the same price, but their S&H vs Amazon in this case was about $15 and some change LESS.

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