By: Savannah Smith | 12-01-2017 | News
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Mom Kills Toddler to End Her Suffering Because She Could No Longer Feed Her

A young mother on her wits’ end trying to survive has done the unimaginable: unable to provide any longer for her young child’s food and other needs, she decided to end the kid’s “suffering” by killing the tot.

The desperate mother from Buenos Aires, Argentina suffocated her toddler and covered the 23-month-old Milena’s hands with socks so she could not scratch her during the attack.

The 26-year-old, unemployed mother identifed as Karina Gomez even told her family matter-of-factly what she has just done to her helpless child. She said to them: “I killed her, it is done.”

The mother also expressed exasperation and desperation with her situation. She shared: “I could not feed her and now she is not going to suffer any more. I could not stand this situation any longer. I am so tired.”

The act was carried out at their home in Florencio Varela, a city in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

An aunt of the mother who lives in the same house said Gomez locked herself in a bedroom with Milena and did not come out for hours despite her repeated calls. She could not have imagined that her niece could do anything as bad as murdering her own baby.

Gomez emerged from the room after a while with her daughter wrapped in a blanket and started to strangely run through the neighborhood streets clutching the baby’s body.

A concerned neighbor chased after Gomez and later caught up with her. Gomez then let the blanket drop to the ground, revealing in the process Milena in her arms. The baby at that time, said the neighbor, was already motionless and blue in the face.

The neighbor tried to revive the toddler but after several failed attempts, the tot was finally taken to a nearby medical center. The doctors also failed to revive her.

Gomez was arrested and brought to Quilmes police staation where she was charged with murder.

Local reports say poverty and homelessness are top problems in Argentina with one in three people living below the poverty line while 6.2 percent are homeless.


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lynn No. 13085 2017-12-01 : 09:31

i can understand the not feeling u can provide for a child but to kill is a hole different story.. u could have taken the child to any hospital or police station fire station and so on.. sorry i think u were only thinking os your self and not the child and i hope like hell u are NOT allowed to have any more..there are people wow would Love 2 have a child and cant.. so u had options..

Anonymous No. 13090 2017-12-01 : 10:01

I guess she never heard of Adoption.

Sorry this one is a fruit-cake and needs to be placed in a Mental Ward Prison to lick the windows the rest of her life…. if not executed.

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