By: Savannah Smith | 02-08-2017 | News
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A Remote Village In Hungary Mounts A War Against Muslim Culture

Those who are strongly criticizing President Donald Trump for his executive order on a travel ban for refugees and people from seven predominantly Muslim countries even if he has taken pains to explain that it is just a temporary measure and it does not constitute a Muslim ban surely has not heard of the more radical and provocative actions a mayor in a village in Hungary has taken to ensure the safety of his people and the preservation of their culture. The tough mayor is practically waging a war against Muslim culture, and insisting that only white and Christian Europeans are welcome in their community.

The mayor of the remote village, Lazzlo Toroczkai, rejects multiculturalism and is not ashamed to admit it. Even at the risk of being criticized and labeled as a white supremacist village, the mayor of Asotthalom, a remote village in the southern Hungarian plains, located two hours from the capital of Budapest, believes it is best if his village remains a white Christian, European village and would prefer attracting only people of the same attributes to relocate to their place.

The village has banned the wearing of Muslim dress like the hijab and the call to prayer. Mayor Toroczkai, in fact, wants his village to be at the forefront of the war against the Muslim culture. Arguing that it is essential for his village to preserve its traditions, he is wary that a potential influx of Muslims in their village would just result into a failure for them to integrate into the place's Christian community. Toroczkai says he has seen the experience in Western Europe where large Muslim groups were able to penetrate the communities ,but miserably failed to fully integrate. The mayor holds no wishes for the same predicament to happen to his village and his people, insisting that the world should follow a rather "simple" formula: for Europe to belong to Europeans, Asia to belong to Asians, and Africa to Africans, among others.

Hungary is also affected by the refugee crisis that has contributed to a growing anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe. During the height of the migrant crisis, as many as 10,000 people crossed the border from Serbia to Hungary each day, just minutes from Asotthalom.

The mayor used his people's anxiety about the immigrants to his advantage to further press his war against the Muslim culture. Round the clock border patrols are being enforced. In contrast, the mayor says he will welcome with open arms people from England, because he wants his village to preserve their culture.

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