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Yet Another B**** Man Kidnaps, Rapes Woman - Dumps Her in the Woods

Another horror story coming out of Florida after reports that a monstrous criminal was responsible for the absolute torture of an innocent woman.

Volusia County Chief Deputy John Creamer alongside Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said that they've apprehended a suspect in the case, and I have to warn all readers the following details are quite graphic.

Law enforcement says that the case began after a motorist found a naked and bloody woman crawling out of the woods near Old King's Road just north of the Flagler County line earlier this week on Monday.

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The driver said the woman was also bruised from head to toe and looked like she'd just “escaped from leatherface in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie” so he immediately hit his brakes.

He gave the woman a towel to cover herself and called emergency 911 to report the scene of horror, as he tried to comfort the shell-shocked victim giving her a bottle of water.

Once she received emergency medical treatment, the 25-year-old victim then spoke to Detectives to explain the nightmare ordeal she had just been subjected to.

She told police that she was walking home from a friend’s home along South Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona Beach shortly after midnight on Monday, and that as she was walking, a man stopped and offered her a ride in his 2000 model Dodge sedan vehicle, which she accepted.

She told the Detectives that they drove to a Post Office in Ormond Beach, where she said the driver injected himself with “molly,” a pure form of MDMA which is heavily popular on the streets of Florida.

After which they drove to James Ormond Park, where the man suddenly turned into a monster and punched her in the face claiming he had a gun.

She said that began a several hour-long series of rapes, where the savage animal forced himself upon her at three separate locations raping her repeatedly, as she feared he would kill her.

He continued to beat her with his fists and even the back-end of the gun throughout the journey. She said she had wanted to flee, but feared he would shoot her if she tried.

The last stop was near the intersection of Pecos Drive and Old Kings Road in Flagler Beach, where the woman said he then pulled her from his car, dragged her into a wooded area, wrapped a belt around her neck, and strangled her until she passed out.

When she regained consciousness, she said he put his foot to the back of her neck and tightened the belt even more until she passed out again, Sheriff Staly said.

She lay in the woods for hours unconscious, only to awaken in the morning and crawl out towards the road for help. That's when the driver found her.

She described the suspect to authorities as a black male, and described the vehicle and the clothing he was wearing.

Both law enforcement agencies spent over a day reviewing known criminals in a line-up with the victim, and then she noticed one man who she exclaimed, “that's him, that's him!”

That person was 34-year-old Obtravies Watkins, a convicted sex offender with multiple arrests being a lifelong criminal.

When Volusia County Sheriff's Deputies went to Watkins last known residence to question him, he told them that he indeed picked up the woman walking.

However, he claimed that all the sexual relations between the two were consensual and that she was paid for the sex, and that the use of the belt was part of the rough sex.

He then said he left the woman in the woods because she was demanding more cash for their encounters, and that he disposed of her clothing at an unknown location.

“I must’ve went overboard,” Watkins responded when investigators showed him photos of the woman’s injuries.

Watkins has an extensive criminal history including 21 felony charges and 10 misdemeanors, with a rap sheet that includes burglary, battery, grand theft and sexual misconduct arrests.

Most recently he's facing a drug possession charge from October 21st in Flagler County.

Watkins has convictions for attempted molestation of a minor back in 2004, and Flagler County Judge Kim C. Hammond sentenced him to a year in prison. He served 7½ months.

Then again in 2009 he began texting sexually explicit messages to a 16-year-old girl at Flagler Palm Coast High School and her father found out about it and pressed charges.

He pleaded no contest to that case in 2010 and was sentenced to eight years in prison, just being released in July of 2016.

“This is a bad man, he did bad things and there’s a place for him,” Volusia County Chief Deputy John Creamer said.

<a href="">Flagler Live </a>reports that Watkins was originally charged with kidnapping, sexual battery using force, and driving with a suspended license.

A Judge in Volusia County denied any bail during his first appearance Wednesday afternoon.

He is expected to be extradited to Flagler County to face charges of attempted second-degree murder, sexual battery and kidnapping, Flagler Sheriff Rick Staly said during a Wednesday afternoon news conference.

“This was absolutely a brutal attack that lasted for seven hours and occurred in both Volusia and Flagler counties,” Staly said. “We are fortunate she survived this attack.”

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Let me guess: He dindu nuffin, right?

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Hang the fucker in his own front yard.

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