By: Earnest Jones | 02-08-2017 | News
Photo credit: Wikileaks

“What is Vault 7? Where is Vault 7? When is Vault 7?”, Wikileaks Releases Series of Cryptic Tweets

WikiLeaks has tweeted a series of questions on “What is Vault 7? Where is Vault 7? When is Vault 7?”, accompanied by two pictures of what appears to be an underground facility. The whistle -blowing site also posed two questions on why and who, is Vault 7. The tweet has had the internet going in a frenzy as people try to fathom what Vault 7 means.

There’s a great likelihood that WikiLeaks has something in store regarding the Vault7 since it started tweeting the cryptic tweets with the hashtag #Vault7 on the 4th of February.

Following the tweets from WikiLeaks, an anonymous account named AnonScan tweeted out even more cryptic material and a riddle accompanied by several videos with one of them showing Julian Assange calling the U.S. government as he warns the U.S. State Dept. of an incoming un-redacted cable leak.

The group’s riddle suggests that Google may have blocked the viewing of these bases like it has always done with other military facilities. A google search of the Vault7 reveals that it’s a seed bank for doomsday and its depicted by the same video that WikiLeaks tweeted on the Svalbard Global Seed Vault that’s located in Norway. Science Daily and CBS pointed out that the vault is built to withstand nuclear strikes or earthquakes.

The other question that WikiLeaks tweeted was WHY. The controversial issue of deep underground bases and vaults is not new as it first originated back in the 90’s when Phil Schneider a whistleblower who claimed to have constructed them talked about the vast number of deep underground bases across the globe and in the U.S.

It’s believed that Schneider was probably killed after delivering these series of talks, he was found with a catheter wrapped and tied around his neck.

A speech was delivered by Lloyd A. Duscha, a Deputy Director of Engineering and Construction for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at a private engineering conference that was entitled ‘Underground Facilities for Defense – Experience and Lessons’.

Duscha pointed out in the speech that underground construction was completely changed and renewed by political and economic factors after the World War 2, adding that the Corps of Engineers became involved in the construction and design of some complex and interesting military projects.

There’s a probability that WikiLeaks has acquired a data that will finally put this speculation to rest and give the hard facts such as Snowden’s leak of international spying apparatus the five eyes, the surveillance web that everyone is caught in.

Back in 1963, Robert McNamara issued a TOP SECRET memo from the office of the Secretary of Defense. The memo discusses the controversial topic on the National Underground Command Center that would be approximately 3,500 feet underground Washington. The memo also highlighted about elevator shafts located below the State Department and the White House that could descend to 3,500 feet with speed to the facility.

The Pentagon has wasted or lost track of $8.5 trillion dollars on black budgets, this raises the questions on how the funds were used. Some mainstream media outlets such as NBC and CBS have reported on the existence of such facilities.


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