By: Steve Dellar | 11-30-2017 | News
Photo credit: @Express | Twitter

Trump’s 'Rogue Twitter Employee' Found

The Twitter employee who stopped President Trump’s Twitter account for 11 minutes on 2 November 2017 has been found.

He is German-Turkish Bahtiyar Duysak who now claims it was 'a mistake' and what happened was 'just random'.

"There are millions of people who would take actions against him if they had the possibility. In my case, it was just random."

"I didn't hack anyone. I didn't do anything which I wasn't authorized to do," Mr Duysak claims.

According to his account, towards the end of his last day at the San Francisco-based company, an alert came in stating that someone had reported Mr Trump's account for an unspecified violation.

He, therefore, started the process of deactivating the account, even though it did not go offline until hours later. Mr Duysak did not explain why there was a delay, neither has Twitter.

Mr Duysak was the head of the California State University’s Turkish Student Association. According to information on a Facebook page, he worked as a volunteer for a Bay Area Muslim community center.

A friend of Mr Duysak, who met him in 2014 while attending the University of Birmingham in the UK, stated he was “very smart,” but not “passionate about politics”.

“The last time I spoke with Bahtiyar six months ago over WhatsApp, he seemed like he was planning to go back to Europe. I cannot believe he had access to deactivate the most important account in the world."

Strangely enough, Mr Duysak must have known that his action might not go down so well, because, on the morning of November 4th, he changed his cover photo on Facebook to a waving American flag, with a caption that read “Love America!!”.


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Anonymous No. 13036 2017-11-30 : 16:19

A Muslim guy shut down Trump on twitter on his last day and says it was an accident. Right…..

Sorrel No. 13042 2017-11-30 : 17:37

Typical Islamic al taqqyyia bs. Will government and people see it fr what it really is or just wait around to be slaughtered?

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