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Video - Science Experiment On Australian TV Goes Wrong

One of the more enjoyable comedies about TV presenting in the 21st century is the ‘Morning Glory’ movie, starring Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford.

Except for the romantic storyline, it talks mostly about how competitive morning television has become since a few years, and how much hosts have to surprise in order to keep viewers glued to their screens.

In Australia, this is no different, where this week Studio 10 presenter Natarsha Belling decided to participate in an on-air live science experiment that almost caused her a fatal head injury.

As you will see in the video, Ms Belling, who is a national celebrity in Australia, is seen holding a coke bottle when scientist Mr Jacob Strickling attempts a variation on the dangerous (and well known) stunt of pouring sweets into a Coke bottle and waiting for it to explode.

However, someone on the breakfast TV show might have checked before how successful the makeshift rocket would be. When the freezing nitrogen came into contact with warmer liquid, you can see the bottle shooting off into the air at lightning speed.

‘Are these safe to do at home?’ Ms Belling asks him.

Mr Strickling tried to calm her down as she’s holding the bottle, reassuring Ms Belling that he’s tried the experiment successfully twice, before nearly putting her in hospital with severe facial disfigurement on the third attempt.

The bottle is launched out of view and knocks a few branches off a nearby tree in the process, with the female host stating: ‘I can’t hear anything out of my right ear.’

Though Mr Strickling tried to reassure viewers once more that the experiment was safe, many worried Australians have since taken to social media to share their concerns.

Natarsha Belling hasn’t been heard of since.


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Natarsha Belling was murdered by Pepsi deep state agents.

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