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Trump Supporter in Tulsa, Oklahoma Stalked by Anti-Trump Neighbor on Camera

Authorities in midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma say that one citizen is being harassed simply for supporting the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

It all began last week when Trump supporter, Morgan Casper found handwritten notes posted across his front porch, one of those saying, “Real men don't grope.”

The endless harassment soon infuriated Casper, who said he felt in danger for being a supporter of the President of the United States of America, something he never would have imagined could have happened in the United States.

That's when Casper, being fed up of having to worry of something would happen to him or his property, decided to purchase and install surveillance cameras around the premises of his home.

It didn't take long for Casper to capture the culprit on film, and surprisingly he didn't even know the woman who would show up to his house while he was away at work and plaster the notes onto his property.

Eventually Casper said he recognized the woman walking her dog around the neighborhood, and he decided to confront her over the issue.

As he began to approach he decided to film the situation, if not just for his security but that of the woman as well.

“Hi, I noticed you've been putting letters on my porch,” said Casper. “No,” responded the woman.

Clearly aggravated that she was lying, Casper continued to press the issue telling her that he indeed had her on camera harassing his home.

She replied, “I just went on disability this last year, I live on a thousand dollars a month, and Trump is threatening that.”

He questioned her about one of the notes she left, which said, “Not all Trump supporters are overtly racist, or ableist, or misogynist, but every one of them decided hating people with brown skin, disabilities, or women wasn't a deal-breaker. Own that decision.”

He said to her, “You don't know who I am, so for you to think every Trump supporter is like that, is terrible.”

She replied, “Just like the button said, all of these things Trump is, and that's okay with you apparently.”

She eventually quit her ranting and walked away from Casper, further displaying the outright ignorance of the left.

Despite the harassment and blatant assumptions, Casper has high hopes.

“Maybe one day she'll approach me and we'll work together and who knows maybe become friends out of it, because I learned something out of it and I hope she learned something out of it,” said Casper.

He says however he hasn't seen the woman in his neighborhood since, but he has no harsh feelings.

Casper was more worried about a serious threat to his home, at the time not knowing who the person was or what they may be capable of.

Local media,<a href=""> KJRH in Tulsa</a>, has attempted to reach out to neighbors to identify the woman, so they could speak to her, but unfortunately nobody recognized her.

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People don't seem to understand that when you come on someone's property and act this irrationally it could end very badly if you were to scare the homeowner, and in a worst-case scenario it could result in a defensive shooting.

Such risks, in a temperamental climate in America today, have greatly put people against one another, in a divisive way, that is unheard of in society.

The times have indeed changed, all because the left still cannot get over their election loss.

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