By: Lawrence Synder | 02-07-2017 | News
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Study Shows Most Europeans Want to Ban Immigrants from Muslim Countries

A recent poll has revealed that majority of Europeans want to enforce a total ban on immigrants coming from Muslim countries. The study shows that majority of the population want their respective country’s governments to utilize proper vetting when it comes to taking in refugees to ensure the security of the public.

The study, which was carried out by the Chatham House, featured responses of participants from various member states of the European Union including Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland and the U.K.

In all of these counties, the respondents who agreed to enforcing a ban greatly outnumbered those who disagreed. In total, about 55 percent of the respondents wanted to implement strict policies against immigrants from Muslim countries, where many of the world’s extremist groups operate. In all of the surveyed countries, less than 32 percent disagreed with the ban.

Out of all of the countries, Poland had the most number of respondents who supported the ban at 71 percent.

The results of the study clearly indicate the desire of the majority for the European Union to implement a strict immigration policies, just like what U.S. President Donald Trump did through his executive order. As seen during the past couple of years, various EU countries, particularly Germany, France and Belgium, have experienced a spike in terrorist attacks due to the immigration crisis.

As indicated in various studies and security reports, terrorists organizations, such as the Islamic State, have taken advantage of the immigration crisis to infiltrate European countries and carry out attacks in an attempt to destabilize the EU.

As long as Europe’s borders are open for refugees and immigrants, the number of attacks will only increase. This will only stop once the EU member states come together to establish new measures designed to minimize the influx of refugees.

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David b No. 1307 2017-02-08 : 14:59

Stop bombing and stealing their natural resources and they won't be coming to you

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